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Sneak Peek – Capture Flap & Binocular Pouch

Hill People Gear has two new products coming.

Capture Flap | $35

The Capture Flap is a PALS cut, beaver tail style accessory that can mount to any HPG pack and packs of other manufacturers. You can mount PALS pouches on the front, and either PALS or velcro pouches on the back.

Binocular Pouch | $45

The medium binocular pouch is designed around the popular 10×42 binocular size, but it can fit a little larger and of course smaller. Features include:

• soft velcro loop on inner lid and bottom to avoid scratching lenses
• fully padded except top flap
• one hand opening flap closure can be fastened either for full retention or quicker access
• top flap stays closed by default
• mounts on 4×2 PALS grid
• external tabs for tying retention strap to if desired


9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Capture Flap & Binocular Pouch”

  1. cat blaster says:

    Looks like these guys make pretty well thought out stuff.
    How do we leverage them to actually have someone make a production run of this product.
    Its a shut up and take my money situation.

    • Jeremy P says:

      Everything I’ve read from the Hill brothers situation regarding the stove would indicate it’s a “no one would pay what this would cost” situation.

      • cat blaster says:


        • Jeremy P says:

          That pretty much goes against everything HPG stands for.

          • cat blaster says:

            Well too bad so sad. Either shit or get off the pot. Meaning, make it or tell people its a dead product.

            • PNWTO says:

              Many, many companies have ghostware that spends years in the development stage. It isn’t unheard of.

        • PNWTO says:

          There are already at least two USA companies offering USA-made stoves that compete with HPG so there is no sane reason to do it overseas.

          • cat blaster says:

            Which ones? I have used the seek and the kifaru and they suck for assembly in comparison to what this one looks like.
            Yeah stuff stays in development but its not listed on a a website as potentially for sale, it stays in product until its ready or it goes to kickstater and a previous run wasn’t made and then nothing for years.
            I’d be happy to buy a used one at this point. What I’m sayin is don’t bait me along with a web listing if its indefinite for it to actually happen, or at the very least update with details.

  2. Scot Hill says:

    Cat Blaster,
    Because it is not a dead project, but it has been shelved while we concentrate our time on other stuff that we can get out. At this point we are looking at a complete redesign so that hopefully we can make it easier and thus less expensive to make without loosing the simplicity and functionality. It took us over two years to get the Mountain Serape out and this one has been in the works longer, but precision metal working is a whole different animal. I apologize that it is not out and ready to sell to you. Believe me we would love to be selling it.