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The Redback Company Holds Giveaway

The Redback Company is delighted to announce that our big give away is now open!

There are 3 prizes:
1st Prize – 3 Cierzo Shirts; Khaki, Camo & Limited Edition, made from a military parachute; and a Timmy Hat.
2nd Prize – A Cierzo Shirt in your choice of colour
3rd Prize – A Timmy Hat.

The winners will be drawn live on our Facebook page at 20:00 UTC+1 on 31 August 2018.

The Redback Company is a Veteran owned, vibrant, outdoor clothing, equipment and lifestyle brand. We live the lifestyle we are promoting. You can’t miss the outdoors. It’s on your doorstep, literally!

The outdoors is the greatest leveller there is. When you are outside everyone is equal in front of nature.

At the Redback Company, we spend as much time as we can outdoors.  And, we have used a great deal of different clothing over the years.  Nothing has been quite what we are looking for. So, we decided to make our own!

Cierzo Shirt

An ultra-lightweight, windproof layer. Inspired by garments originally made by Special Forces Soldiers out of discarded parachutes. The Cierzo Shirt uses modern fabrics to create a garment that packs down to a very small size and weighs almost nothing, yet is very effective.

Use it as a windproof outer layer or a lightweight intermediate layer. Wear it out running or hiking. Put it under a damp outer layer while it dries out. Throw it in the bottom of your day to day bag to whip out when you need it.

Generously sized, we’ve had a 6’8” (2.5m) Cave Troll wear one of these comfortably!

The Redback Company Brand Ambassador Glen Steyn from ExpedOrange says:

The shirts are really good. Lightweight and can’t believe how small they pack down to!”

Timmy Hat

Fun fact the spider in our logo is called Timmy!

Imelda Marcos had shoes, we’ve got baseball caps. We wear a baseball cap pretty much every day so we thought we’d make our own.

The mesh crown makes sure that your head doesn’t overheat, providing day long comfort. The camo pattern and embroidered “Timmy the Spider” make sure you have something strikingly different from the rest of the caps that are available out there.

Comfortable and hard wearing, your Timmy Hat will look better the more you wear it!

The hats will fit heads from 52 to 64 cm (20½ to 25¼ inches)

The Redback Company Brand Ambassador Glen Steyn from ExpedOrange says:

The cap is really good…I really like the cam on it and the mesh keeps your head cool.


5 Responses to “The Redback Company Holds Giveaway”

  1. SShink says:

    how do you buy a cap?

  2. C. Myngs says:

    “Imelda Marcos had shoes, we have baseball hats.”
    Love that line from your website! Placed my order, and this hat is fixing to be my go-to hat.