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Sneak Peek – Handl Defense Submission for US Army Sub Compact Weapon Oportunity

This is the Handl Defense submission for the US Army’s SCW Prototype Opportunity Notice. The US Army is giving up to six companies the chance to build a highly concealable Sub Compact Weapon system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage. The weapon should be optimized for shooting 147 grain 9mm.


The Handl Defense SCW is under 15 inches when folded and weighs under 7 pounds. It can be easily stowed in an aviators kit bag, briefcase, or in vehicles.

The Handl Defense SCW weapon system allows for use of readily available 9mm pistol magazines. The Handl Defense SCW could be configured to unit organic pistol magazines. This would allow for lower cost implementation and the ability to share magazines under duress.

A Sig Sauer P320 conversion kit is under going development, and will be made available to DoD on their request. This would allow interoperability with the M17 pistol. Allowing cost benefits by minimizing proprietary system components.

This system leverages existing programs and their supply chains to provide unprecedented flexibility to DoD. Intended as a complete weapon, or if DoD chooses, as a removable conversion kit for M4s in the inventory. The end user can select a highly portable folding stock 5.55x45mm configuration with a donor M4 platform.


9mm Configuration
The Army’s requirement that the SCW is because the United States military operations take place worldwide and in all types of terrains as well as under every environmental condition. The Secretary of the Army and/or the Chief of Staff approves senior commanders and key personnel as High Risk Personnel (HRP). HRPs are authorized a Personal Security Detail (PSD), which are assigned to guard against outlined threats. To address this operational need, PSD military personnel require weapons with greater lethality than pistols that are more concealable than rifles. The ultimate objective of this program is to acquire a highly concealable Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage.


5.56mm Configuration


11 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Handl Defense Submission for US Army Sub Compact Weapon Oportunity”

  1. Mike says:

    Could be wrong, but the 9mm upper being used looks like a New Frontier Arms 4″ upper.

  2. Dave says:

    This will be A DQ, can’t be a folder stock

    • Kevin W says:

      A folding collapsible buttstock is allowed but may impact other evaluation factors such as User in the Loop Testing – concealability and Ambidextrous Control Go/No-Go requirements

  3. Alex says:

    I sure hope Handl Defense has taken a deep look within and improved their own business practices before they attempt to submit anything!

    • benb says:


      • Kevin W says:

        Sound like a couple of fans of the guy who stole all that government ammo. Show us on the doll where Handl Defense violated you.

        • benb says:

          I am not sure what you are referring to with the stolen gov ammo.

          The issue I had with Handl was a large order placed that was several months behind schedule that I was patient about because I kept getting reassured the order would soon be ready.

          After it was finally ready it did not ship and I tried emailing and calling to figure out what the deal was. I was being completely ignored for about a week until I got a mutual acquaintance of the owner to help get a hold of him. Once I contacted the acquaintance the owner emailed me withing about 30 minutes and hold me to calm down and finally shipped my order.

          That was my only experience with Handl, but afterwards I did some research and heard several other stories from others that had complaints.

          Wasn’t trying to stir anything up, but you asked…

  4. None says:

    Enter the cmmg banshee

  5. Ray Forest says:

    Where to begin. Why choose that large mass heavy stock? As an end user I simply want two guns based on what industry is currently capable of delivering. I really don’t understand the requirement for 9mm in the program. I’ve done this mission overseas in three theaters. I want a pistol and a small carbine. As a cop I’ve been to waaaay to many drive by shootings to get told the 9mm is for lower penetration of background environments. Pistol caliber rounds regularly go through two apartments. It’s not a limited damage round when it comes to what would otherwise be called intermediate barriers. I want a pistol to hide under my shirt and a small 8-11” barrel carbinebwith a folding stock that I can carry under a big jacket or in a backpack or even a large messenger. A folding 10.3 fits insides 21” messenger bag IF you have the opportunity to carry such in your theater. This whole thing just doesn’t seem to be generated from a need articulated by an end user who has any idea what’s practical in real world environments. It smell of the intermediate rifle caliber program from last year.

    • Chuck says:

      It sounds like what you need is a Glock 19 and a MK18. Why wouldn’t the Army consider the developments made in small arms technology over the past 15, that are readily available to SOCOM, as part of this solicitation? These are readily available weapons that fit the bill.

      Just get the right gear to the right people. It’s too easy.

  6. M6a says:

    There are multiple options that should be considered and tested if a carbine that is more concealable than the MK18 is wanted/needed.

    As someone who’s done high profile and low-pro PSD work OCONUS for close to a decade, I can tell you that a 9mm carbine/PDW would be my last possible choice as a primary weapon… as it’s only slightly preferable to fingernails.