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Unity Tactical FUSION Friday

FUSION, by Unity Tactical, is a system of modular, multi-purpose components that provide end users unparalleled flexibility in mounting accessories to weapon platforms. It offers complete control in attachment of lights, lasers, sights, and other equipment to achieve complete integration, optimal placement, lightest weight, and most economy of space.

This FUSION configuration features the Micro Hub 2.0 and Backup Iron Sight – Folding. It’s a perfect setup to integrate a light with the B.E. Meyers MAWL. The MAWL has a unique L-shaped footprint that leaves just enough room for the Micro Hub 2.0 in front. This is a perfect place for a backup iron sight. But, the Micro Hub 2.0 provides a secondary platform to attach either a Surefire Scout or Streamlight PRO-TAC directly to the assembly. The benefit is that both laser and light are situated above bore, making it easier to clear barricades. In this configuration, the onboard fire controls for the MAWL and Scout M600U are easily accessed by the operator’s support hand thumb. A TAPS Standard dual pressure switch located immediately behind the MAWL provides ambidextrous access to both electronic devices if the shooter needs to switch shoulders while pulling security or shooting around a barricade. And of course, this entire setup can be assembled in reverse to accommodate left-handed shooters.

FUSION Config 4A BreakOut

FUSION components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MILSPEC Type 3 anodized. Designed and made in the US from US materials and good ole’ fashioned American innovation. FUSION is the original and best modular accessory mounting system. Make your gear work for you, not the other way around.


FUSION components are available from Unity Tactical and authorized dealers to build your perfect setup.



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