5.11 Names Francisco Morales As CEO

Earlier this week, 5.11 Tactical’s longtime CEO, Tom Davin, stepped down from his position to assume an advisory role. I’ve known former Marine Recon Officer Tom Davin since he came to 5.11 in 2010 after propelling Panda Express to a billion Dollar enterprise. He’s a great guy who will continue to serve 5.11 in advisory role.

In his place, they’ve named Francisco Morales, who cofounded the brand with Dan Costa, back in 2003. Although Compass Diversified Holdings purchased 5.11 in 2016, Morales has continued to serve as President. He’ll be right at home in his new role as CEO.

5.11 also named Matt Hyde as Executive Chairman. Previously, Hyde served as CEO of Western Marine.

One Response to “5.11 Names Francisco Morales As CEO”

  1. Brad Nelson says:

    I’ve known Francisco since 2003 (the early, early days of 5.11) and I’d gotten to know him from time to time when I worked at 5.11 after my Lightfighter days. I’ve always believed he was the heart-and-sole of the garment business. He was the passion, everyone else just ran the business. Eager to see where he takes it.