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Viktos Law Dog Boots

Featuring a polishable heel and toe, the Law Dog boot is constructed of full grain leather. These were built with LE and First Resoonders in mind, integrating waterproof/breathable as well as Blood-borne Pathogen resistance. In addition to a Reinforced Toe Box, the Law Dog boot also features their Strifeā„¢ Warfighter Bottom Unit.

Available in Nightfjall, a Black shade, in sizes 7-15.


5 Responses to “Viktos Law Dog Boots”

  1. AGL Bob says:

    What’s the CoO?

  2. Stickman says:

    That is a good looking duty boot!!

    • Duncan says:

      Agreed, but it needs to lose that logo, at least where I work, and I suspect lots of other places.

  3. VIKTOS LLC says:

    Correction, VIKTOS not Victoria. But Victoria is a nice name as well!