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Bravo Concealment – M&P Shield 9mm Torsion Holster

The IWB Torsion holster integrates a 10 degree inward angle to better conceal your S&W M&P Shield by allowing your handgun to ride closer to your body without any extra attachments or accessories.

The Torsion holster retains its shape to ease reholstering and offers built-in retention.



9 Responses to “Bravo Concealment – M&P Shield 9mm Torsion Holster”

  1. Joe_K says:

    The problems with this holster and others like it are as follows, less mass below belt line/more mass above belt line do not a good combo make for AIWB carry. Also no built in wedge/bump feature means this holster has no active method of pushing the muzzle away from the body, which means the grip, while tucked inwards due to the “Torsion design”, is still going to print more than a holster that has a method of wedging the grip rearward AND inward.

  2. The Shropshire Slasher says:

    What does Bravo Concealment have against left handed people? I would spend bookoo dollars with them if they just made left handed holsters…#leftiesmatter

  3. BAP45 says:

    I actually picked one of these up. Been really pleased with it. I would say they’re definitely worth trying out.

  4. Able Dart says:


    (Seriously, a good idea in any case.)

  5. Able Dart says:

    Sorry, wrong article…