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High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Tactical Grivel G12 Crampon  

Who would of thought it?  Yellow isn’t a tactical colour!  This poses a small problem for Grivel who use yellow on the majority of their products and specifically on the balling plates and straps for their crampons.  Thankfully this has been an easy problem to fix and they have produced all black versions of their key crampons including the G12.  This is the primary crampon used by UK specialist mountain troops.

Designed for use with a B2/B3 boot, like the La Sportive Karakorum or Scarpa Manta Pro, the G12 is a 12-point crampon designed for general mountaineering, glaciers or easy ice.  The four points that are perpendicular to the crampon rails, prevent shearing in soft snow and improve security while descending (facing outward).  The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools. G12 is easily folded for transportation.  The crampon comes with a variety of attachment options.  This can either be classic or use a new-matic system which provides fast easy on and off for moving quickly across mixed terrain.

The G12 is complemented by an all black Monte Rosa 10 point crampon to be used by normal mountain troops.  This is a great quality walking crampon designed to work with a B1 rated boot.

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11 Responses to “High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Tactical Grivel G12 Crampon  ”

  1. Jack Boothe says:

    So the manufacturer of this crampon made the decision to make it more tactical by coloring parts of it black instead of yellow. I am not expert in mountain warfare. However, when I have worn crampons in civilian mountaineering it was always on snow and ice which is mostly colored white or off-white. Looking at the color wheel, it would seem that yellow would be much less of a contrasting color than black and therefore less visible than black against a white background. Ergo, changing the color to black is actually making the product less tactical. I am again reminded of a study done by the French military in the 1960s looking for the perfect color to wear at night. Because of the light sensitivity of the cones and rods in the human eye, the best color they scientifically proved was maroon. Yet no fashion conscious commando would ever wear maroon in combat, even though for night operations it was determined to provide the best camouflage.

    • pablo says:

      true that pure/solid black at night is ‘too black’. dark navy and greys or mixed are better. didn’t know about the maroon that’s interesting and makes sense.

      • Pablo,

        You are 100% correct. The issue is not visibility against snow but silhouetting against boots or other equipment. As boots tend to be brown or black than any bright colour stands out. Obviously in a white shod environment we would wear cam whites or equivalent but there isn’t an alternative for footwear. We have actually already produced white but the demand to us was for black only.



    • Jack,

      You are right. Grey is indeed a much more tactical colour. We have already changed most of the hardwear to follow this trend but UK defence, like many militaries, are slow to catch up with modern thinking. Yellow stands out no matter what the background colour. So it at least removes the issue of yellow against the black or brown of the boots.

      You are also right on maroon. I wouldn’t be found dead in it. lol!



  2. Meusoc says:

    So items from brigantes have been featured on this site several times but have y’all ever clicked on their website?