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Blade Show West 18 – Doublestar Fury Crashete

Designed by Rob Cabrera of Filo Bladeworks, you can definitely see the Kali influence on the Fury. The fury boasts a 10″ blade made from .285” thick S7 Tool Steel, although the full tang extends to 18.25″ in length. The blade is also cerakoted in Midnight Bronze. The handle is G10 and it comes with a Boltaron sheath. Made in the USA!



3 Responses to “Blade Show West 18 – Doublestar Fury Crashete”

  1. Dellis says:

    I will never use this blade, I can’t see it’s functionability but….I like it and will look to buy it!

  2. Stickman says:

    While I wouldn’t think S7 and cheap in the same thought, Doublestar has built a name for good prices. It will be interesting to see what this sell for at street level.

  3. Patrick Gaskill says:

    Looks cool. I just picked up the RML kukri though, so this will have to wait until after the RMJ Eagle Talon tomahawk and Wyvern. Staying focused until that set is complete.