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Many of you may know my long-time friend Mel Terkla. He and his wife Rena have started a new company called PocketUp, specializing in load carriage.

They started out with various pockets for organizing larger packs but they are introducing the Park Pack, a simple daypack design.

Everything is reasonably priced and made by them. Be sure to check them out at pocketup.net.


7 Responses to “PocketUp”

  1. jbgleason says:

    That is a great looking pack. I just wish designers would color match the Velcro field to the pack if they are absolutely driven to put it on there at all.

    • minn-kota says:

      It’s tough to color match, especially with pack colors that are off the normal black/coyote/RG/OD menu.

      But I would suggest a more discreet way of integrating velcro. A band going completely left to right, or maybe even something trapezoidal at the top.

      Great looking pack, just suggesting a method to keep both ends of the spectrum happy.

  2. Will says:

    Mel is a legend. I remember my first SHOT Show as a vendor, I was parked directly next to Mel and Kifaru. Helluva guy and great designer!

  3. Zach says:

    Anything black at all on packs drives me crazy. Stands out like made. Companies use it because it is the most available and therefore inexpensive. I would rather have non matching or coyote on green.

  4. P.T. McCain says:

    Awesome product concept and design.

  5. Rob Collins says:

    Long-time Kifaru user, Mel’s new products have really helped me compartmentalize and switch easily from EDC to whatever else I do, running Scout meetings, hunting, fishing, hiking, bike commuting, etc.

    Thanks SSD for sharing this, Mel’s designs are put to use every day for me, his help over the years makes him one of very few people whose solid designs and devotion to selflessly helping people has inspired the loyalty and admiration that I have for him and anything he chooses to do really well….

    Devoted customer here… Thanks again Mel!

  6. AbnMedOps says:

    I was just wondering what Mel is up to! Good to see he is still applying experience and thought to new products!