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Kimber – EVO SP


Kimber has released their 2019 lineup of new products, and the headliner is their new sub-compact pistol, the EVO SP. The EVO SP is a striker-fired, metal-frame pistol, chambered for 9mm. Similar in size to the Micro 9 series, the EVO SP features a 3.16″ barrel and weighs 19 oz unloaded. The EVO SP’s trigger has a 6-7 lbs pull, and like many modern striker-fired pistols, it features a ‘leaf’ trigger safety. The EVO SP’s rearward striker indicator allows for both visual and tactile indication that the striker is cocked, and the pistol can be disassembled without pulling the trigger.

The EVO SP is being offered in four models: Custom Shop, CDP, TLE, and Two-Tone. All models come with an ambidextrous, left-or-right side swappable mag release, ledged tritium night sights, and two 7-round magazines.


2 Responses to “Kimber – EVO SP”

  1. phlegm says:

    Looks nice. I hope it has less recoil and is more reliable than the Solo.

  2. Greg T Erdman says:

    Nice…but not for 1000$msrp