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ORWM 18 – Mammut Diamond Finger Board

The Diamond Finger Board from Mammut is made from Maple with a steel wall mount.

It integrates a mount for mobile devices and when used in conjunction with a app can record hang time as well as number of pull ups. Mammut also offers workout videos led by their pro athletes.

Coming Spring 19 from Mammut.

2 Responses to “ORWM 18 – Mammut Diamond Finger Board”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    Looks different from other fingerboards on the market. I wonder what the advantage is over other designs to include the steel wall mount. It is good to see the type of equipment on here. Fitness equipment is just as important a piece of kit as any plate carrier or combat shirt.

  2. I think it looks awesome, could careless if it has advantage over the others. Still going to work you out well enough. Love the app idea where you work out with the Pros. Would love to see pricing and dimensions.