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OWWM 18 – Team Wendy M-216 SKI SAR Helmet Enhancements

With nothing else like it on the market, the Team Wendy M-216 SKI SAR Helmet has become quite popular. But like anything else, users have asked for a few enhancements to the helmet.

First off is the M-216 Counterweight Kit. The unique design is patterned specifically for use with this helmet. It is 1 pound of coated lead with a Grey Cordura skin and attached via some very robust Velcro.

Next is the removable chin cup which converts the under-the-chin sports-style chinstrap to a similar strap found on the Ballistic helmet, offering additional stability when wearing night vision devices. It can be pulled out of the way or removed completely.

These enhancements, along with the Wilcox machined aluminum shroud, are available as part of the M-216 Tactical Ski SAR offering.


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