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2018 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market – The Second Coming

If you’re a regular SSD reader, you’re thinking two things. First, you’re wondering if it was all a dream when you read about the 2018 OR winter market back in January. Next, you’re wondering why the heck there is a OR Show in mid November. Both are really good questions.

There was a winter market held here in Denver back in January, right after SHOT show. The reason there is a second winter market this year is because they are moving the dates in order to line up with actual order taking in the outdoor industry. As you can imagine, it has led to some upheaval in attendance. I’m not really sure what I’m going to see inside the show, but let’s go take a look.


One Response to “2018 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market – The Second Coming”

  1. chris says:

    Always enjoy your coverage of the outdoor trade shows. Have fun!