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100 Years of Polish Independence and 35 Years of Helikon-Tex

November 11th, 2018 is a special day for Polish people, who celebrate the 100th anniversary of regaining the independence after 123 years of enslavement. This is also the year in which the Helikon-Tex® brand celebrates its 35th anniversary. These two milestones: in both polish history and in the evolution of the polish textile market, are a great opportunity for a huge discount on the producer’s online shop.

100 years of independence

18th November 1918 marks the date of the end of the most tragic world war, which claimed the lives of millions. For many countries it is also a symbolic date of their rebirth. On this day Poland, after 123 years of enslavement imposed by three countries: Prussia, Austria and Russia, regained its independence. Soon the Bolshevik Russia once again tried to take this independence away, but after the polish success in the Warsaw battle in August 1920 it was certain, that Poland will keep its independence.

35 year of Journey to Perfection

In 1983 in Wroclaw a small company was founded. The company that today is one of the key European and world’s garments and tactical equipment producers. The Helikon-Tex® brand is the leading producer of this type of equipment, providing its products to almost every corner of the earth. Constantly upgrading the products and improving the quality, the company is a true example of the #JourneyToPerfection. As a confirmation of the quality of the brand is the fact, that it’s products appeared in the popular tv shows like House of Cards and Halo: Nightfall.


It is very important, that the 11th November price reduction is a one-day event, this is why the time for any decisions is short. It will take effect only on the producer’s online shop: Specific details of the discount will be presented by Helikon-Tex® in the day of the event.

2 Responses to “100 Years of Polish Independence and 35 Years of Helikon-Tex”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Bia?o-Czerwone to barwy niezwyci??one!

  2. Jim Axis says:

    The same Bolsheviks that Germany was fighting against in WWII. And the same Bolsheviks that the US allied with (as well as Britain, etc). Why did the US choose the wrong people to fight, and why do they continue to lie about the atrocities they committed to innocent civilians? The hoax is used to justify the actions, and it’s why the hoax remains top priority. If Americans knew who and what our men actually fought and died for we would have wiped the whole mess off the face of the earth. Now look where we are, half of the US would welcome communism with open arms.