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CPS Puts goTenna’s Pro X & ATAK to the Test, Under Canopy

Achieve Total Team Awareness in Any Situation with goTenna Pro X & ATAK
Complete Parachute Solutions recently put goTenna’s ATAK enabled Pro X to the test for off-grid SA & C2, at their advanced training facility in Coolidge, Arizona.

4 Responses to “CPS Puts goTenna’s Pro X & ATAK to the Test, Under Canopy”

  1. Mehmaster says:

    Cheaper alternative to mpu5?

    • peter.para says:

      Yes but you have to understand they are two very different devices. The MPU5 gives you a full network meaning you can do almost anything you could do while connected to a hotspot (stream local video ,share files , send voice transmitions). The Gotenna can only push location data and some drawings , it can not send files voice or video.

      • Willis says:

        Actually they can do short-burst voice, I’ve seen a prototype – just not out yet. They already do voice-to-text also. By focusing on lower bandwidth comms they’ve unlocked ability to have small, power-efficient devices and a more scalable mesh networking protocol. I see potential to create flat networks of 100’s of users in future!

        • Zader says:

          Biggest issue I have seen is there is definitely a finite number of devices on each frequency due to the bandwidth. Its a a great device for its cost. I did extensive testing for Gotenna for each of its models. If you need voice comms a standard radio will serve your purposes more efficiently this wasn’t designed for that capability in order to keep costs down and weight. What it does best is allow you to see your groups location and drop points or polygons of up to 6 points.