SIG Sauer Academy

Good Morning SSD!

It was a long weekend. Let’s hit the ground running!

7 Responses to “Good Morning SSD!”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    “Hey First Sergeant, good morning!”

  2. Let's Go says:

    Who made you a weatherman?
    Stay Airborne my Friends

  3. Attack7 says:

    Heyyyyyyy I feel alright now,
    I can run all day, I can run all night now!

    240 gunner goes ching ching ching,
    on a tripod his barrel will swing.
    He’s got troops in the open and they’re trying to run,
    take off the T&E and go to free gun!

  4. Jack Griffin says:

    “My girl’s a vegetable…”

    Sweet memories.

  5. Jon, OPT says:


    1..2…3… and a 4 hey
    Oh dear god let there be war hey
    Cuba, Korea don’t matter to me
    As long as I get my CIB!!!