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Prometheus Design Werx – Iliad Field Jacket

General Purpose Field Jacket with Tweave Durastretch, Built in the USA

Prometheus Design Werx introduces the Iliad Field Jacket this Fall-Winter 2018. Made with proven US Tweave Durastretch® fabric, this outerwear style has high abrasion resistance, unrestricted movement, blocks wind, high breathability, and a DWR finish.  The Illiad features 5 zippered exterior pockets, dummy cords, 2 internal accessory pockets, laser cut loop panels on the sleeves, ports for media cables, double reinforced elbows, bias cut cuffs with molded cuff tabs, cinch M.L. hood with A.C. bill, and cinch bottom hem. Designed as an all around jacket for field wear and can be worn with mid-layers to regulate for varying conditions. Made in California, USA.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“We wanted to design an outerwear style to fulfill a niche when laminate shells were just too stifling and the user wanted a jacket that offered protection in the brush and field, but offered peak breathability. The use of Tweave Durastretch® offered everything we wanted for this jacket. Its characteristics were ideal to meet our performance requirements for this category of outerwear. You have great mobility, high abrasion resistance against brush, and breathes so well, that the user could keep it on during aerobic activities in cool to cold weather. From high alpine activities, tracking, snowshoeing, ski touring, this shell was designed so the user wouldn’t have to take it off and keep going. Some in our industry consider this type of textile a soft-shell, but this Tweave Durastretch does not have a laminate backing and therefore more breathable than any 2L or 3L fabrics. The DWR finish shrugs off drizzle and snowfall. While not a rain-shell, the Iliad Field Jacket handles a wide variety of outdoor conditions and remains exceptionally comfortable. These jackets are made in our home state of California using US woven Tweave brand fabric.”

The Iliad Field Jacket is a part of their Made in USA CORE-Line of products by Prometheus Design Werx. Available in Stone Mountain Green (Sage Green) and Dark Arid Earth (Coyote Brown).

The Iliad Field Jacket will be available in both colors for purchase on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 12:00pm PT via their website,

8 Responses to “Prometheus Design Werx – Iliad Field Jacket”

  1. Andrew says:

    Translation: The OG Stealth Hoodie is back!

  2. Andrew (not the same as above) says:

    Wish they would stop making all these great products with Velcro panels on the arms. A similar company based out of San Francisco (**cough cough**) just released some new products and claims that their patched version outsells non-patched 10-1 – so they have decided not to offer their new items in non-patched.

    I find it hard to believe that everyone wants to walk around town with velcro panels on their arms – is it just the tacti-cool factor? What happened to low-profile?

  3. Iggy says:

    Yeah all good but honestly, do we all need yet another iteration of a bulk standard softshell…? These designs have been around for 30 years with few changes, I’ve worn them at least that long.
    Aside from maybe new zips and one or two fabrics (tweave and some polartec stuff) there’s nothing to get excited about, just gimmickry.
    For real world use we need simplicity and a good weight:bulk ratio. That alone nails 90% of function without all the urban poser bling that then makes these things to precious to trash being used.
    But aim the market at metro wannabe survivalists if you must…

    • CapnTroy says:

      Well yeah…you don’t think these jackets and their cashmere shemaghs are aimed at the operator market do you?

      These are to be worn only by skinny bearded fellas that can’t change a tire…

    • kemp says:

      my thoughts exactly. it looks well made and tweave make excellent textiles but this type of design brings nothing new or competitive to the table in terms of usability or style.

  4. Caio says:

    Are they discontinuing the JAAC hoodie?

  5. Invictus says:

    So, good for the warrior involved in a prolonged asymmetric conflict with a king?