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Håkan Spuhr Explains Failed G3 Ergonomics

Considering my black eye after I qualified with the G3 the first time, I think Håkan is on to something.

6 Responses to “Håkan Spuhr Explains Failed G3 Ergonomics”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    And there’s the trigger – I think it was Chuck Taylor who described the G-3/HK-91 trigger travel/break as “feels like a toilet flush handle”.

  2. Gerard says:

    The G3 has a following, it’s a classic gun but I love it in a non owner’s abstract way.

  3. Patrulje68 says:

    No argument there, the G3 is typical German over engineered efficiency, which is not burdened by being ergonamicly friendly.

  4. Paste says:

    Some tactical lip stick for that German pig.

  5. Hubb says:

    All aspiring G3 (or clone) owners should first own and operate the CETME version. You will learn how certain German, American, and Spanish components are not compatible. After that frustration, you will learn what absolute garbage the Spanish sights are to zero. While cursing the absurdly rudimentary sighting system, you will learn how terrible the trigger is to operate. After a while, I would literally just slam my trigger finger to the rear, this was the only way to get a consistent trigger pull.

    After all those lessons were learned, I traded my Spanish/American CETME in for a German/American G3 clone and have not looked back. The best part is the magazines are very cheap at

  6. Ray Forest says:

    The Spurh stock is a revolutionary improvement for the platform and I am glad they developed this for current operational users. Unfortunately for me it is such a drastic change that it makes the rifle, not a G3 anymore in my view. The classic albeit poorly throughout lines are no longer there.