SHOT Show Sneak Peek – Spartan – Shinto Ronin Blade

Spartan Blades will debut the Spartan -Shinto Ronin Blade (S35VN) created with Ronin Tactics at SHOT Show. Founders from both companies served in 1st SFG(A) together.

Shinto means, “The practice to establish a connection between the ways of the old to the ways of the new.”

If you will be attending The 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas this month, be sure to stop by Booth 1218 Jan 23 and 24 10:00-11:00 and meet Tu, Co- Host of Forged in Fire: Knife Or Death!

30 Responses to “SHOT Show Sneak Peek – Spartan – Shinto Ronin Blade”

  1. iggy says:

    shinto ronin? im waiting for the kaiyui oshiri to come out.

  2. Stash says:

    There’s a picture of the full blade on both of their instagrams for anyone curious.

  3. Matt says:

    This guy has a terrible reputation in 10th group. His character is flawed, not a team player and will screw you over. True story. He is not to be emulated.

    • Chalky says:


      • lcpl1066 says:

        especially considering he wasn’t even in 10th SFG

        • Derp! says:

          Yes he was, 1st SFG, 1st SFOD-D as Support (not operator), and 10th SFG.

          • Matt says:

            Derp! Yep you got it. He’ll lead you on that he was an operator though if you didn’t know any better.

            • Mike says:

              Where does he state that he’s an operator ? I Served time
              with a Tu in NC and he’s never ever claimed something he wasn’t. Please check your sources before make some false accusations based on rumors! If there’s valid proof of what he did prove it. Stop targeting Tu over some non sense bullshit he did as he’s moved on to better things. Either be happy for his success or don’t support him just move on and ignore him. Simple. It’s begginning to look like all the haters are jealous of his life. Get over it.

          • lcpl1066 says:

            My mistake. I knew he was with 1st and DS. I did not know about 10th group.

    • Teddy says:


      • DOL5 says:

        Really? What are you a teenager? How about you go and confront him face to face. Nobody cares. He’s doing so well. Jealous?

    • DOL5 says:

      Nobody cares! He’s retired now and living his life. His character is not flawed. You have nothing better to do but to talk shit on Tu who’s successful and changing his life. Screw what over? How about other people screwing him over? There’s always three sides to every story! Confront Tu face to face. I know him and he would never do anything you have heard,

  4. Forgman says:

    So was he in CAG, or was he just augmenting The unit/support? This kind of info should be wider known for other member of the SOF community.

    • SSD says:

      He was assigned there, in an operational support role. When you say “augmenting” that means an attachment. Attachments aren’t assigned. They come from other organizations. See my first sentence.

    • Mike says:

      Look him up online or ask him directly. He’s all over the social media.

  5. Stefan S. says:

    Was in 1 SFG. There was talk of uses with him.

    • Stefan S. says:

      oops meant issues

    • SSD says:

      Were you in 1st Group?

    • Jon, OPT says:

      I was in 1st Bn 1st SFG(A) with Tu, my first deployment his team was with ours, and years later I saw him again in OIF when he was with the Unit. He worked his ass off in that organization in a role where he was replaceable, and accountable on a level that isn’t seen within most of SOF; he also worked there for years and kept his job. I don’t know nor care why he left the unit, but I do know that an E8 with MOSC 18Z has to do 24 months SFODA Operations SGT (Team SGT) time to gain eligibility for promotion, and that can’t be done behind the fence; so like many others I’ve known, he went back to Group.

      I was not with him in 10th Group, which is where he had some issues, I was not there and won’t speak on behalf of them. Knowing Tu, I’m sure he would speak with candor on his mistakes. I also know he chooses not to dwell on his past, but learn from it, and move forward, much like any one of us who have fucked up once or twice with that community, myself included.

      I’m not defending him, just offering a third person perspective on this since I’ve seen his name dragged through the mud a couple times, and know his reputation from 1st Group. I don’t sell his gear, I don’t endorse his training company, I have no dog in this fight. My opinion on him is subjective, so it’s irrelevant to this post, I’ve never had issues with him in my interactions with him. That said, I’m not his biographer, I don’t know every intricate detail of his life.

      I also know Mark and Curt from Spartan Blades, they put me through SOTIC, come from the same Group as I do, I sell their gear, and have a great business relationship with them. I wish them and Ronin the best in this collaboration, Spartan makes great knives, and if there’s one thing I can say with certainty, Tu is an excellent knife fighter, and knows his blades.

      • Marcus says:

        Thank you for an honest, civil and measured assessment from someone on the outside. I’ve grown a little suspicious of people who simply show up and throw rocks at someone’s reputation without full context, or reflection.

        As an outsider it seems to me that your vocation, much more than others, can wear on a man and manifest itself in many ways. Personally I believe the key is how a person reflects on those experiences and uses them to improve their character. I’ve had very limited exposure to Tu, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, or is humbled by them. In fact it seems he actually teaches people to learn from them. I doubt that’s accidental. Either way, if it matters, I believe the attacks are completely unfair.


      • Frogman says:

        Just curious because We have been purchasing his gear at Team 5. Thanks for the insight.

        • Jon, OPT says:

          I recommend his gear, it is solid. Tu loves to train, and he tests the heck out of his stuff. I know quite a few guys who use it without issues, most of them have a CT / DA / CIF background.

          • Ground pounder says:

            Ronin tactics gear is awesome if you like knockoffs of other name brand gear; Crye and Velocity Systems come to mind.

        • Jesse says:

          HECK YEAH!!!!! Buy from Ronin Tactics our team out in 1st wear their belts and a lot of team guys I know have them as well. I can’t wait to get the knife too. WE have to support our brother.

  6. iggy says:

    and ‘shinto’ doesnt literally mean any hippie bullshit about paths of the old and new or whatever esoteric eastern garbage western marketing dreams up. it literally translates as gods (with a small g, plural) and direction to go in. put together it means ‘religion’. its like branding a knife ‘the catholic’ or ‘the sunni’….

    the way marketing bullshit gets told and retold with supposed authority is amazing…

  7. TEAMGUYC001 says:

    I’ve served time with Tu in 1st group and have had mad respect towards Tu. It’s pretty childish and immature that team guys would post negative shit about Tu online behind a cell phone and laptop. I don’t know what happened and I don’t fucking care. Are ya perfect? We all make mistake and learn from it. Tu is on an amazing path and some of you guys are just jealous and can’t seem to do anything better but to talk shit about Tu.
    Let him be and focus on your life. Have fun watching his success – at least Tu is doing something better than what I will do and what you will do. The more we talk about Tu the more publicity and attention he gets.I am sure that if Tu was such a bad guy Curtis and Mark wouldn’t want to work with him.

  8. KyleB says:

    Met Tu and his wife at the Spartan blades booth at the shot show this week. They were surrounded with my a great team from Spartan Blades Curtis, Mark. and Bill Harsey. They have a supporting bond that I will never understand. When I spoke to Tu; he seemed really humbled and caring to all his fans. He’s very well respected in this tactical industry. His past is his past! No one is perfect! Spartan Blades post about blade and the shot show so what does his history have to do with the new blade? If Tu would to read this comment I will tell him “Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, there’re behind you for a reason. Keep doing your thing Tu! You will always have a few haters but you will always have more supporters than you even know. Some people will hate you simply because they see you enjoying your success they don’t have from the work they haven’t done”. WIN BIG!