Meet Jack Carr at the Blackhawk Booth and Get His Latest Book Free

Jack Carr will be at the Blackhawk booth (14551) from 2-4PM on Thursday and they’re giving away free signed copies of Terminal List to the first 200 people to come by.

6 Responses to “Meet Jack Carr at the Blackhawk Booth and Get His Latest Book Free”

  1. TominVA says:

    Disclaimer: Didn’t read it but read about it. It’s what I (and probably you) thought it would be.

    Plot: One man stands alone against the proglibcucks that ambushed his team and murdered his family. They just messed with the wrong SEAL.

    I’m sure the author’s the real deal and a decent guy, but this kind of stuff at a time like this? Not helpful.

    It was heartening to read some of the negative reviews on Amazon are from conservatives. Here’s a good blurb:

    “This is not a patriotic novel. It depicts American military leaders so evil that they will conspire to kill their own warriors. After setting this book down in disgust, I learned from reading other reviews that the evil military leaders are democrats and the supposed heros in this book are republicans. I am a proud Republican, but this kind of narrative is really vile. How repulsive. What hideous trash.”

    But don’t worry, lots of folks like it.

    For an alternative try Goodby Darkness by Willam Manchester. One of the great biographers of the twentieth century relives his experience as a young Marine in the Pacific. This or really anything Manchester wrote.

    • Ed says:

      Oh-my-oh-my!!! How horrendous! such an insult to fiction and current state of affairs!!!!

      Tom, get a fuck’in life. Surprised you popped back in, didn’t hear a peep from you after that “offensive” Zombie post.

      Go back to your corner and STFU! That’s from a former Team guy supporting his fellow Brother. Something you probably have no concept or grasp of.

      • TominVA says:

        You know Ed, sometimes I get the feeling you and I just ain’t on the same page.

        But seriously, I get this picture of you and some of the other readers of this site (and SSD too sometimes) walking around in this mental fear bunker. You see this Hillary-Obama army of darkness behind every tree. This goes beyond mere enthusiasm for shooting sports. You and others talk like the highest, most noble purpose in life is to walk around armed and ready to kill somebody. You tell me to get an effin life, but it doesn’t sound to me like you’ve got much of one yourself, or not a very happy one.

        And books like this only serve to fuel this mindset. I hope the author comes to regret putting it out.

        If I’m wrong, I apologize, but go back and read some of yours and others comments. What is reasonable man supposed to think?

        • Ed says:

          Tom, you are such an idiot. Why are you even on here???

          I’ve served over 24yrs in the Navy, and have served under several Commander in Chiefs. You know absolutely nothing about me or the “others” how you describe “us”. You sound like a pathetic soy-boy prog. I guess your life consists of commenting here and trolling the type of people you either despise or do not understand. Either way that’s pathetic. Go back to Mother Jones or HuffPo, and tell them about us “narrow-minded” self described patriots that are possessed with “toxic-masculinity”. I’m sure you would be welcome with open arms and pink pussy hats after describing to them how you “slayed” us with your wit and limp-wrist philosophy. Guys (pussies) like you amuse me. Have a great next six years resisting common sense.

          Oh, BTW……did you know the book is fiction or is that what has your panties in a bunch because it contains similar themes to current atmosphere in this great nation?? Talk about get a life! Lol

          Toodle-lu Tommy!

          • TominVA says:

            Well Ed, looks like it’s just you and me.

            I’m here because I like guns and gear. It’s a good site for that.

            You’re right. I know nothing about you…except for what you’ve written. What am I supposed the think?

            • Ed says:

              That is exactly it, I don’t care what you think!….and neither do we about your opinions of this book or current state of affairs, or Patriotic Americans that you seem to have contempt for and then assume “we” are a bunch of angry, disgruntled old white-men.