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Norma Releases BONDSTRIKE Extreme – A New Line of Long-Range Hunting Ammunition

Norma® is pleased to introduce BONDSTRIKE™ Extreme – an all-new line of hunting ammunition designed from the ground up for extreme long-range accuracy and excellent performance on game at all distances. With a state-of-the-art polymer tip, proprietary bonding and a match-style boat tail projectile, BONDSTRIKE Extreme delivers an unmatched combination of long-range precision, penetration and terminal ballistics.

Norma’s engineers developed a unique bonding technology to maximize weight retention and ensure a devastating wound channel through controlled expansion at all velocities. Combined with the inherent accuracy of Norma’s sophisticated boat tail bullet design, BONDSTRIKE Extreme is the ideal cartridge for hunting whitetail deer, elk, antelope or any other medium to large-sized game.

BONDSTRIKE Extreme will be on shelves in early 2019 and will be available in the following configurations:

• 308 Win 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

• 30-06 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

• 300 Win Mag 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

• 300 WSM 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

• 300 RUM 180gr BONDSTRIKE Extreme

“This is long-range hunting at its best. Our engineers created a bullet that is bonded for weight retention and penetration—but gets excellent accuracy,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “The ballistic coefficient on this 30-caliber projectile is fantastic. From a performance standpoint, BONDSTRIKE Extreme will stand out from the crowded long-range hunting bullet market. With a variety of additional 30 caliber cartridges, big game hunters will reap the rewards of this long-range hunting ammunition come fall.”

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