Steel Alive Smart Target System

Tallahassee, FL-January 18, 2019 – Steel Alive® LLC, is proud to announce the launch of their new product for the shooting sports industry, the Steel Alive smart target system.  Ever thought about digitizing your shooting and measuring your speed and reflexes with your smart phone? Train using tactical drills and competing with other shooters with or without an instructor? All of this is in your smartphone right now. You can even run courses of fire base off actual combat scenarios! The Steel Alive system upgrades live fire shooting experiences to a 21st century level. You no longer must measure your skills and reaction time manually. A set of Smart Target devices along with multicolor LEDs make the training more enjoyable and easier for the shooter to make corrective actions through visual ques.



Master your shooting abilities with complex drills and customizable training scenarios. Have fun with your teammates by playing multiplayer games. Finally, compare your stats using the App and become the best shooter in the world.  The Smart Target devices easily attach and detach to the back of any target, works with firearms, airsoft, airguns, and paintball systems.

Reliable for every caliber up to 7.62x51mm, the shock resistant waterproof control units are powered by 4 AA batteries for up to 20 hours of power and operate up to 100 yards of range with up to 10 Smart Targets connected at once.  

The Steel Alive system was designed to support training of every type. The system operates at ranges from 0 yards (polymer ricochet-free targets) up to 100 yards. One focus of our R&D team was to maintain our CQB universe offering training for beginners as well as experienced shooters. Users can confront their skills in games and training modes as well as in combat-based scenarios. The results are posted in international leaderboards, alongside the special forces’ personnel benchmarks. Plenty of statistics allow instructors or individuals to improve their teams’ marksmanship and practical skills.

Steel Alive is a solution for every kind of steel target regardless the origin or type. Smart Target Devices were designed to serve most of steel targets ranging from 3” to 15” radius. Your training environment is fully compatible with Steel Alive even if you are not aware of that right now!

Eliminating multiple “moving” targets or dealing with situations involving hostages is common for special operators. The Multitarget environment introduces pressure and uncertainty to your basic training regimen.  Drills available in Steel Alive will instantly put your skills to the test. Multicolor day/night LED units are easy detachable, ricochet resistant, with seven selectable colors.  Infrared versions for NVG shooting to follow!

The Steel Alive app: available now on Android coming soon on IOS, is interactive and easy to configure, it includes multiple games and drills, various combat scenarios, online high scores and leaderboards!  Results and statistics, with a PRO version coming soon!

Steel Alive is more than simply adding instant feedback to steel and polymer targets, it is about bringing a whole new community of end users into the shooting sports industry through new technology to drive customer engagement, using the App and subscribers to build a competitive learning and information sharing platform environment. The added benefits for owner operators: increased ammunition sales, more range utilization, and opportunity to engage a whole new market of customers.

Steel Alive will be available for meetings at SHOT Show, January 20 – 25, 2019, and if any attendees, sponsors, or exhibitors at Monday’s Industry Day and the Range would like to try out the Steel Alive smart target system, please contact us at the information listed below.

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One Response to “Steel Alive Smart Target System”

  1. Seamus says:

    This has some really cool future uses. If IDPA or USPSA eventually adopt something like this it will make scoring faster and easier. Also the idea of networking targets together is really neat. I wonder if it could be possible for a contraption to be built that activates one target after another has been hit so we can stop using ropes and pulleys in competitions that have a variable failure rate (depending on who set them up). Sounds very interesting.