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National Rifle Association Announces Daniel Defense as Friends of NRA 2019 Exclusive Guardian Sponsor 

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association is proud to announce Daniel Defense as the exclusive 2019 Guardian Level Corporate Sponsor of the Friends of NRA program. The National Corporate Sponsor program takes Friends of NRA’s support of the shooting sports to a national scale.

Friends of NRA is the blockbuster fundraising program supporting The NRA Foundation. Since day one, it has been a 100% grassroots effort fueled by a shared passion for securing the Second Amendment and raising money for the shooting sports. Since its inception in 1992, Friends of NRA has held close to 22,000 events, reached over 4.1 million attendees and raised more than $880 million for The NRA Foundation.

For the sixth year in a row, Daniel Defense’s sponsorship helps The NRA Foundation provide critical support for firearm training and educational programs that ensure the continuation of America’s proud shooting and hunting heritage for generations to come.

Cindy and Marty Daniel are passionate about supporting shooting programs focused on education and training for youth and women in particular, an interest that perfectly connects with The NRA Foundation’s goals to support educational programs such as: the NRA Online Hunter Education course, designed to help new hunters of all ages learn how to be safe and responsible members of the hunting community; and Women On Target®, a firearm handling clinic by women and for women.

“Our commitment to Friends of NRA is the right thing to do,” said Cindy Daniel, Executive Vice President of Daniel Defense. “In addition to renewing Daniel Defense as the National Corporate Sponsor for ‘19, I also started my own chapter locally called Coastal Georgia Friends of NRA. We’re surrounded by like-minded people, who genuinely share the same passion for the shooting sports, for our country, and the Second Amendment. Its way more than just a financial investment; we invest time with our children, enjoying all that the shooting sports has to offer, and most importantly, preparing the next generation of responsible gun owners. I encourage everyone to find ways to get involved on some level to ensure our children and grandchildren have the same access to shooting sports and the great outdoors.”

Learn more about Friends of NRA at www.friendsofnra.org. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact the NRA Corporate Development Team at 703-267-1356.

Visit www.nra.org.

7 Responses to “National Rifle Association Announces Daniel Defense as Friends of NRA 2019 Exclusive Guardian Sponsor ”

  1. CAP says:

    Great job Daniel Defense. Just now as many 2A supporters are revolting against the NRA for supporting the bump stock ban and red flag laws, Daniel Defense announces an exclusive sponsorship with them. They really are deaf to the market…

    Hey Marty, if you think appealing to fudds will keep your business afloat, you better get those layoff notices ready.

    • SSD says:

      That’s a great question. How many actual NRA members are revolting against them? The NRA isn’t doing itself any favors right now, but we won’t really know the impact until the Annual Meeting this Spring. Until then, many 2A supporters unwittingly continue to carry the anti-gun movement’s water for them by helping sew discord among the pro-gun side.

      • Nick C. says:

        SSD, I find this interesting as well. It’s hard to tell a lot of the time as it seems frequent that the most outspoken are also usually not members of NRA/GOA/FPC anyway.

        I have major concerns with how the NRA has handled itself the past few years, and am of the personal view that they stir up controversy in order to maintain membership dues and get new members.

        Personally, I see a lot more infighting in recent years which is great for the anti-gun crowd and does us no favors. I’d love to see the NRA, or other orgs, fight against laws either proposed or on the books that infringe on the second but I’d also like to see us come out with alternatives to try and solve the issues we have today.

        Simply stating that every law is an infringement wins no arguments. Perhaps we can come up with something that helps give peace of mind, demonstrably proves that it keeps these shooting events from happening (or lowers their frequency) while making the process of ownership easier, especially in high control states. To be clear, I’m not advocating for universal background checks, I’m simply seeing a problem and would like for us to look into ways to address it. Perhaps it’s as simple as education, but so far we aren’t winning that effort.

  2. bulldog76 says:

    so an organization thats for the most part fudd and anti-black rifle named a black rifle manufacturer company of the year

  3. Ed says:

    Interesting, had to look up “fudd” since that is first time I ever saw/heard that.

    I’d like to know what CAP and BullDog76 knows/tells us about NRA that I don’t know? They really only believes in the 2A for only hunting and competition only, not the full extent to prevent tyrants from taking over? Has the NRA stated that before or is there printed examples that they clearly draw the line before citizen militias? I find both your insights astounding. Does it also say somewhere that only BlackRifles are to be used in the unlikely event we need rescue the Constitution and Nation?? I really hope you send me a detailed gear list prior to this insurrection so I’m in the right uniform. I mean, one could really get confused, AOR1 or 2, Multicam, NODs no NODs, the quandary’s are endless!

    ; )

  4. Alpha2 says:

    Living in NorCal I have all but given up on the NRA. I just let my membership that was as always 5 years at a time lapse. They have long since abandoned and seemingly gave up on us here in California. My money goes to the CRPA which does far, far more with legislative action and so forth.

  5. SamHill says:

    I let my NRA membership slide this year, but renewed my Gun owners of America membership. I never hear anything from NRA except that they were part of these negotiations as we lose more and more rights. GOA, on the other hand, mails and emails me forms to send to our reps as well as regular updates.

    This is from a couple days ago
    From gun owners of America this morning: The Supreme Court has decided to take up its FIRST gun rights case since Heller and McDonald — with a brief filed by us. Our brief states that the plain text of the Second Amendment invalidates ANY and ALL infringements of our protected rights. We’re going to bat for every American citizen who is currently living behind enemy lines in an anti-gun state. We’re fighting against the all-out massacre of your God-given rights at the hands of unelected judges all over the country. But we cannot win without YOUR support. Erich Pratt Executive Director Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners Foundation…

    GOA seems to be going for the big win, as well as making it easy for us to participate on all the other issues. The supreme court looks a lot different than it did a couple of years ago, and as soon as RGB is replaced it will be even better. Continue to honor our oaths to support this constitution, gentlemen, and require our elected officials to do the same. As far as the court battles, I like GOA’s tactics way more than I ever liked NRA’s continued years of negotiating our rights away. Maybe I should continue my membership to both, but I haven’t been happy with NRA in a long time.

    On a more on topic note, I like my DD AR, quite a lot, but if the NRA continues at this rate of loss we’ll all have to buy bolt guns instead of semi autos. DD can make an NRA themed version of the new bolt gun. They can call it “common sense” or “THE NEGOTIATOR” I don’t want to keep getting next gen gun rights, I want the constitutional stuff.