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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Black Crows, Orb Militari Skis with Pin Binding

After the success of delivering the Black Crows Orb Militari with a 75mm Telemark binding we have now added an out and out ski mountaineering setup.  The latest delivery have been fitted with Dynafit TLT Speed bindings.  This combination gives the perfect set up for operating in the steepest terrain.  When used with the Black Crows Pellis skins then you have an ability to cover the most challenging of terrain.

To complete the system we would recommend the Scarpa F1.  This provides an excellent all round ski touring boot at 1230g.

Although not the traditional choice for military skiers this ultra-light and robust system provides arguably the best solution for operating in more alpine terrain.  The skis are exceptionally robust and user friendly whilst the boot enables ski, crampon and normal walking.

For these and additional military ski mountaineering items please give us a shout as we are working on a whole series of personal mobility solutions to cover all environments and terrain.

For more information get in touch by email on [email protected] or for UK customers [email protected].  


7 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Black Crows, Orb Militari Skis with Pin Binding”

  1. jellydonut says:

    I realize Brigantes doesn’t sell to individuals, let alone civilians, so is there any way for the rest of us to get our hands on these skis?

  2. corsair says:

    Is USMC still dedicated to telemark skiing, while USA is dedicated to alpine touring/randanee?

  3. lafcadd says:

    Nice. Black Crows are magnificent skis and Dynafit is top shelf. You could also buy skis made in the US: Voile in UT makes a bunch of skis but the Ultravector or Objective skis maybe best suited to the tactical user. Ultra comes in all white if you need it and the BC variants in either ski give you some fishscales in the kick zone. Try them, they barely slow you down and if you have a heavy pack on it adds a bit of braking on the down which you’ll soon learn saves energy. If getting skis for unit training, I’d definitely look at the BC option on at least a few pairs, depending on the skill level and for those carrying heavier loads. Can’t go wrong with Brigantes recommendations: I’d go with Dynafit if I were doing a lot of lift-served/ helo or skinning up peaks to race down. I’d stick with a tried and true 3-pin (light and easy to repair) if I were in the Arctic, long dark slogs, high mileage and living out of the pack…quieter too. Getting the right boots?…always the biggest challenge. Always good to see SSD and Brigantes putting good gear out there and focusing on an environment all militaries struggle to equip for/operate in.

    • jellydonut says:

      Thanks for the tip. Those white Voile Ultravector BC ones look brilliant.

    • Graham Smith says:

      Always good to read thoughts of informed people.
      Most end users for the Black Crows have asked them to be shipped fitted with the Voile Swtichback binding.