Magpul x SSD Post-SHOT Show SWAG Sweepstakes

Pretty much everyone who comes home from SHOT Show does so with a bag full of really cool SWAG. While we can bring the news of SHOT Show to you, you still miss out on the tchotchkes.

Magpul wanted to help us do something about that, so they gave us a handful of cool giveaway items from their booth and 40 lucky SSD readers are going to get a little taste of Magpul SWAG.

To give away, there are:

25 packs of stickers

5 PMAG Patches

10 Gold 20th Anniversary Magpul (Rich Fitzpatrick’s original product!)

SSD is going to randomly give away one of these items each to 40 different readers. You don’t get to pick what you’ll receive, but with this many items, you’ll get a pretty good shot at it.

To enter, follow these rules:

1. In the comments section of THIS, and only THIS, article on SSD, tell us what you’d like to see Magpul make next. Only entries here are eligible to win.

2. Comments are open from now until 0100 Zulu on 7 February, 2019. That’s 24 hours from now.

3. Use any alias you want to post but be sure to use a valid email address since that’s how we’ll contact the winners.

4. SSD will randomly select 40 names from the comments we receive. We will also randomly pick a prize from the bag and assign it to a winner until they are all gone.

5. One entry per person. Don’t cheat your buddies.

6. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

1,100 Responses to “Magpul x SSD Post-SHOT Show SWAG Sweepstakes”

  1. Anon says:

    I bet magpul could make some awesome, functional footwear.

  2. Daniel says:

    FMG-9 for sure.

  3. B31A says:

    Glock19 magazines with the Magpul G26 base plates

  4. Jay says:


  5. WL says:

    I would like to see them start making more hard goods like cases and Packs.

  6. Hoff says:

    Sig 320 mags.

  7. Teraph says:

    Polymer AR lowers that are as good as (if not better than than) the GWACS and New Frontier ones

  8. Kango says:

    I would like to see them make a stock for the Ruger PCC.

  9. Jim says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. RFFROMNOVA says:


  11. Pesky says:

    A grey man, covert pdw pack.

  12. Fint says:


  13. Jordan says:

    A 7.62×39 drum mag similar to the D-60

  14. Kookaburra says:

    1911 – Pmags & Holsters

  15. Tiberius says:

    Pistol holsters

  16. Robert says:

    FMG-9, please.

  17. Matt says:

    Glock triggers!

  18. WillyBoi says:

    I would absolutely love to see an AK drum mag.

  19. Hank says:

    20 round 5.56 magazines in the original USGI dimensions.

  20. GJR8C says:

    Low pro gear, backpacks, belts, etc.

  21. Mac says:

    Holsters that integrate with their clothing line.

  22. Justin says:

    Magpul needs to get on the B&T 9mm magazine game!

  23. Will says:

    MPX magazines, MP5 magazines, P320 magazines, VP9 magazines, or a telescoping PDW stock.

  24. Chase says:

    Low-profile M-Lok nuts for clearing large-diameter suppressors under handguards like the Wolf-9SD under the Midwest Industries MPX handguard. The standard ones are too thick and must be ground down.

  25. Libo says:

    American made, toy soldiers! Like the little ones played with growing up with a modern twist. Could scale up or down, so as a model for man caves like a 3D D. Kramer art for different branches and services maybe a foot tall, and classic sized for kids.

  26. Tcba_joe says:

    MCX handguards and stocks

  27. Leeroy Jenkins says:

    Pistol braces

  28. hn8k says:

    Magpul PDR or an affordable ambidextrous safety for ARs

  29. Pat says:

    A tripod Tonto with the Pro-700 chassis

  30. Eric says:

    Being practical i think SIG MCX stocks would be a great product. Being slightly more specialized a free floated hand guard with integrated bipod, i think Magpul could create a solution that is both sturdy and elegant.

  31. Will says:

    A telescoping PDW stock

  32. Andrew C says:

    I’d love to see magpul make a precision rifle stock for the scar 17

  33. Chris B says:

    AK drum or 40rd mag

  34. Dan says:

    A stock set for the Ruger PCC.

  35. Joe says:

    I’d love to see Magpul make MPX mags. I know that may not happen for some time due to licensing agreements… but someday

  36. Big dan says:

    OD m3 pmag

  37. Chris says:

    I want a daka hydration bladder with all the Magpul engineering behind it.

    Also a stock set for the Ruger PCC that adds a pistol grip.

  38. DW says:

    Flip up scope covers
    Stocks for Savage 10 and Tikka T3
    Barrel thread protectors

  39. Erik says:

    I’d like Magpul to make a stock set for the new PC carbine like they did for the 10/22.

  40. SGT Rock says:

    Mags in 6.8 SPC or 6.5. How about some more shotty kits for Savage or Mossberg?

  41. thefett says:

    Would like to see Magpul develop some after market Glock frames

  42. Andy says:

    Ruger American Rimfire stock

  43. Kevin says:

    Glock .40 mags

  44. Ben says:

    FDE Gen 3 Magazines

  45. Operations Specialist says:

    Glock gen5 magwell.

  46. Geoff says:

    3D/cubical DAKA pouches. Think one that holds 10 PMAGs like a brick or ear pro etc.

  47. Jake says:

    A PRS series of gear. PRS is getting popular but it is super expensive. Magpul is known for high quality and affordable gear. They already made the one stock and bipod. Maybe if they got into light weight tripods, spotting scope/weather station placards that mounted on the tripod, PRS focused range cards, shot bag, pic bubble, training media.

  48. FraggleRock says:

    I’d like to see a colab between them and HK for some pmags with “space magic” prints or branch out into P30/VP9 magazines.

  49. Jim says:

    P320 Mags!
    MPX Mags!

  50. JASiege says:

    6.5 Grendel magazines and an updated Magpul Masada, cause Magpul could market that better than Remington.

    • Duval211 says:

      I would like to see some mag pushes. Ones that will help you put spent mags back in your carrier slots. Mag-push

    • RWADEG says:

      I’d like to see D100. A 100 rd drum for ARs.
      That and 6.8mm mags besides the ones that only work for the extremely pricey LWRC68

    • Howard says:

      I’d like to see Magpul make a nice set of covers for a ACOG.
      God bless the Shot Show!
      ( and our sniper’s)