Sneak Peek – Onset From Orion Design Group

Orion Design Group is set to make a comeback and they’ve released this teaser.

9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Onset From Orion Design Group”

  1. d says:


    Is is too soon to ask if they’re bringing back the recce chest rig?

  2. Stash says:

    Really looking forward to (hopefully) all the camouflage patterns being available again. I have a set from the run with Beyond and it’s a really effective and versatile pattern.

    • ODGUSA says:

      Stash, thanks for your support, our patterns will return. We will start with offering them in our load carriage products and accessories line.

  3. 11B3P says:

    What is it a condom dispenser? What makes it a better condom dispenser? Is it going to be available in ODG patterns that cost an outrageous amount of money because they are digitally printed and unavailable? Maybe X-Ray Force is using this in their secret war in Asscrackistan.