Rogan USA – REX EOD (Rescue. Escape. Xtract) Knife

Designed after discussions with Canadian Combat Engineers and USMC EOD Specialists, the REX EOD (Rescue. Escape. Xtract) is a breaching/digging tool. It is manufactured from carbon steel and 9.25″ in length. It features a welded handguard and is available with five different handle wraps.

Interestingly, it is PALS compatible and will slide in the webbing channels due to its one inch width, keeping it handy.

6 Responses to “Rogan USA – REX EOD (Rescue. Escape. Xtract) Knife”

  1. renaissance marine says:

    does it come in beryllium?

    • Carlos Cespedes says:

      Hello. Beryllium is carcinogenic… Titanium would be the healthier option if you’re looking for the nonferrous properties. May be able to have one made, but it will be costly. Thanks for serving!

    • OkieRim says:

      US Navy used to have tools made from beryllium. Sometime around the mid-90’s we had all of ours taken, dropped into large barrels are sent away. From what we were told, they either were recycled or buried in some haz-mat graveyard.

  2. Matt says:

    Or you could just get one made by Les George who is an actual retired EOD guy, and his are already made in titanium,,

    and he makes non-conductive G-10 mine probes as well.

    Also if you need an EOD tool/knife in Beryllium Copper alloy then Emerson Knives makes one.

  3. Captain Canuck says:

    A kewl tool for Sappers.