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Precision Rifle Series Announces Daniel Defense’s New DELTA 5 Rifle, as the 2019 Official Bolt Gun

Yesterday, the Precision Rifle Series made this announcement. What’s very interesting is that the DELTA 5 is too expensive at a $2199 MSRP to be used as a production gun in PRS matches because that class is based on a price threshold of $2000. As you can imagine, there was some pushback from the peanut gallery, but the reality is that Precision Rifle shooting is growing by leaps and bounds and the introduction of DD’s DELTA 5 is going to bring even more shooters into the sport, regardless of whether they shoot in PRS sanctioned matches or others.

Daniel Defense expanded its product offering last month with the introduction of the DELTA 5 bolt-action rifle at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Designed with the user in mind, the DELTA 5 combines the modularity found in the DD AR platform with the features and customization a highly experienced precision shooter would want, right out of the box.

“Consumers will find the DELTA 5 to be an extremely accurate and durable bolt-action rifle. It shares many of the premium qualities of our AR platforms including an interchangeable, cold hammer forged barrel and our 100% satisfaction guarantee” said Daniel Defense President/CEO Marty Daniel.

We are proud to welcome Daniel Defense as the 2019 Official Bolt Gun Rifle of the Precision Rifle Series, and we are excited about their commitment to the sport of precision rifle shooting! Daniel Defense is an exciting addition to the PRS family and has significant opportunities to make an impact at PRS events across the country. This year they plan to support and attend many PRS competitions, gain feedback from PRS shooters, and build awesome relationships with you all. They will also be sponsoring the 2019 PRS Finale!

To learn more about the DELTA 5, visit

7 Responses to “Precision Rifle Series Announces Daniel Defense’s New DELTA 5 Rifle, as the 2019 Official Bolt Gun”

  1. Alpha2 says:

    Still would buy a Ruger and put the saved money towards a good optic.

  2. Ck says:

    To bad you’re stuck using their proprietary stock.

    • SSD says:

      I like that stock. It’s very comfortable and if you’re a novice, the grip is natural. However, I believe they are coming out with other stock options in the future.

    • phlegm says:

      It won’t take a lot to move the mini chassis from the factory stock to almost any aftermarket one.

      With as many people as I’ve seen pulling their AI ATs out of the factory chassis to put them into an MPA, it’s like some of these guys are looking for a challenge. I don’t see why the DD proprietary design would be any different.

  3. JTarr says:

    I’m with Alpha2. I’d rather use the Ruger Precision, which can now be had for $800 and appears to be much more flexible. However, the sport of precision rifle can always use more friends, so I’m glad to see DD making an effort.

  4. Biblicalviolence says:

    To my knowledge, a lot of production class PRS matches cap the rifles at a $2,000 MSRP. The DDs $2,200 shoots themselves in the foot for competition use.
    I concur with previous comments, the Ruger RPR is a great choice for something “out of the box” and a rifle can be built to more exacting specifications for that $2,200 price point. Too bad the DD isn’t closer to $1,600 msrp.