Sneak Peek – Grip Pod V2K “Shorty” Version

Love it or hate it, the Grip Pod was one of the most successful weapon accessories of the early 21st century.

The creator, Joe Gaddini has long wanted to introduce a Shorty version of the design. The Shorty is just over an inch shorter than the standard Grip Pods.

Also, here’s a pic of the patented folding mount.

Look for it this summer through RSR, Brownells, US Tactical Supply, MSP/Mounting Solutions Plus and ADS.

9 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Grip Pod V2K “Shorty” Version”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    Always hesitant to say it given the hatred accrued online, but since we adopted it I’ve found the original to be fairly decent all around, though I certainly wouldn’t turn down a slightly shorter version – that’s actually the main thing I’d change. It’s a bit larger circumference than might be preferable, but I have no issue with either a broomhandle grip or using it as a reference for a thumb break/halfway house. Even with the legs stowed, the base is wide enough and the overall length sufficient to serve fairly well in terms of just jabbing it in to the ground and going from there, in my admittedly very limited experience.

    I’ve no doubt there are shooters orders of magnitude better than I who can do better with other accessories, but having tried many other foregrips and a few bi-pods over the years it’s just never struck me personally as being nearly as bad as it’s made out to be in some quarters.

    • SSD says:

      Hated, and yet sold millions.

    • SVGC says:

      Whether one is a fan of this product or not, it absolutely had value to the young Infantry Rifleman with little to moderate training and proficiency with their service rifle. It’s become a product that people scoff at but it gave many a 19 year old lcpl or PFC the ability to stabilize their rifle and take well aimed shots. It was and is a good product for it’s intended customer base.

  2. Joe says:

    Kick stands are handy. Ain’t the worst thing someone has slapped on a rifle.

  3. Bobby Denard says:

    How hard would it have been to take photos from a normal viewpoint instead of weird angles and rotated 45 degrees?

    • Vic Toree says:

      Subliminal sales technique, makes you think the camera didn’t have an attachment for a Grip Pod, so it gets you thinking about stability. It’s genius!

  4. iggy says:

    only thing i dont like is that ive always wished it worked in reverse – manually pull out, auto back in.

  5. kemp says:

    it consistently shows up on the weapons of some very high speed individuals so apparently it solves a real world problem well

  6. Stickman says:

    I have a few that Grip Pods I continue to use on and off weapons as needed. I think the firearms community enjoys hating sometimes for no real reason other than it makes some people feel special.

    The Grip Pod isn’t the answer for everything, but as guys above have commented, it works.