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Liberty Dynamic – Enhanced Diversionary Device

One of the coolest things at SHOT Show was something I didn’t even get to see because I attended several private Range days and it was exhibited by Liberty Dynamic at the Official Industry Range Day. The Enhanced Diversionary Device is much more than a “Stun Grenade,” it is actually a reloadable, digitally fused fuel air explosive device.

Little work has been done over the years to modernize Noise and Flash Diversionary Devices. Traditional devices are flammable and produce smoke as well as secondary frag from loose items being propelled during detonation. Over a decade ago, Sandia National Lab produced a developmental fuel air device, but it was never commercialized.

Liberty Dynamic was co-founded by former Recon Marine John Chapman.

Liberty Dynamic developed their own technology, the Enhanced Diversionary Device, a digital fuse FAE device which produces a thermobaric event using a binary energetic material. This means that it is not BATFE controlled. Update: Liberty Dynamic updated us with a clarification regarding BATFE oversight of the EDD. The energetic is not regulated in its binary form. However, once it is combined and attached to a fuse, it is, in fact, regulated.

Cartridges are reloadable. The combustible aluminum is atomized in free space, outside of the device, creating a dust cloud which when ignited produces a report of 175 dB and 9 million candela. However, unlike the output cap on current tech, the Enhanced Diversionary Device offers scalable output. As they increase the FAE event, it produces a more potent dB output.

Due to the combustion outside of the device, it remains cool and intact, ready to be reloaded.

The Smart Fuse enables a precise customizable detonation sequence. However, it is set at the factory, based upon user TTPs. Thanks to this digital fuse technology, you’ll get at least a hundred uses from the device. Additionally, tri-color LEDs indicate device condition. Finally, any deployment failure and the device renders safe in 60 seconds.

In addition to offering training systems, the Enhanced Diversionary Device can be configured for deployment from a sUAS.


10 Responses to “Liberty Dynamic – Enhanced Diversionary Device”

  1. matt says:

    Very interesting. I’d love to see a video of this working. I understand the fuel/air mixture, but don’t understand where the ignition source comes from.

  2. Alpha2 says:

    Would like to see a video of it in action as well. Looks promising.

  3. Nick C. says:

    Non BATFE controlled but wonder if they will sell to civis. Seems pretty slick overall, interested in seeing it in action.

  4. DEM says:

    Maybe it is because I just spent all day doing 2062’s but I would imagine the army would put a serial on each one and then make it an property nightmare as opposed to just turning in expensed items.

    Regardless, I echo earlier voices on seeing a video of it in action especially through the scalability they speak of

  5. AbnMedOps says:

    Cool. Now if someone could figure out a way to keep from blowing the eardrums of the hostages and co-laterals.

  6. Randomer says:

    If combining the two parts is making a destructive device are agencies who purchase these going to have to end up filing paperwork for manufacturing a destructive device every time they refill one?

    Or indeed in most cases do a whole load of paperwork to be able to legally “manufacture” in the first place?

    Training devices with replaceable fuses and components fall under the same issue here so nobody outside the military SF community bothers (and they have to have very expensively trained ammunition technicians to do it.)

  7. Dr. Blutwurst says:

    Commercially available? Pricing??