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TYR Group – Irregular Warfare (IW) 101: Resistance and Insurgency – June 1-5, 2019

TYR Group is well known for training in tracking. Founder John Hurth is a retired Special Forces NCO who thought it would be a good idea to offer a training course in the fundamentals of irregular warfare for those who haven’t been exposed to this concept in the past. With so much of this going on across the world, I think he’s on to something.

Irregular Warfare (IW) 101: Resistance and Insurgency isn’t a hands on course but rather presented from an academic point of view, explaining the chart above and how the concepts apply to historical and current events.

Subjects include:

• Introduction to Irregular Warfare

• Underlying causes of resistance movements

• Organization and activities of the resistance (the Underground, Auxiliary, Guerrilla Force)

• Clandestine and Covert behavior

• Evolutionary Dynamics

• Resistance Leadership

• Influences on motivation and behavior

• Ideology, Group Dynamics and Radicalization

• Psychological Risk Factors

• Underground Psychological Operations: Propaganda and Agitation

• Passive Resistance

• Active Resistance

• Subversion and manipulation of crowds

• Paramilitary Operations

• Resistance recruitment, training, and financial support

This course in Oregon is conveniently broken down into two modules. Students may take the first module taught on day one and two, or take full advantage of completing the entire five-day IW 101 course.

The course is ITAR Restricted.

Irregular Warfare (IW) 101: Resistance and Insurgency – June 1-5, 2019 in Hillsboro, OR.

8 Responses to “TYR Group – Irregular Warfare (IW) 101: Resistance and Insurgency – June 1-5, 2019”

  1. Cameron says:

    Is course available to Canadians, or is it Americans only?

    • SSD says:

      ITAR Restricted

      • Canadian says:

        Fair enough on ITAR, but can you explain how that plays out?
        My experience with ITAR is as US export restriction, and Canada meets that criteria if end user certificates are in place.

  2. Ed says:

    Where can we find a schedule of all offerings for FY19/CY19 ?

  3. Bradkaf308 says:

    Ah for the good ol days. Went to HK, SiG, S&W, Glock oh no that one was Canada. Technical & tactical training, only needed docs from home unit. NATO military oh we can’t trust you, lol. Bureaucrats & lawyers the bane of our existence.

  4. JBar says:

    Don’t the Democrats use this too?

    • BobbyMcGee says:

      Bureaucrats and lawyers prevent liability and international incidents buck-o. Also, by any objective measure Russia is pro in implementation of these tactics.