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1620 – Durastretch Cargo Pant Available for Pre-order

Made from Durastretch Tweave, this Cargo Pant combines features found on many combat pants but in a lower profile.

– Gusseted crotch
– Durable water/oil/stain repellent finish
– Low profile cargo pocket with bellow and two way flap
– Extra-large zippered back pocket with angled top for ease of entry
– Left hand watch pocket compatible with XL size mobile device
– Military-spec shank button,
– YKK zippers
– 3/4″ wide belt loops
– Modern fit

Also available in LAPD Blue.

The pre-order will deliver in June.

19 Responses to “1620 – Durastretch Cargo Pant Available for Pre-order”

  1. Roy says:

    Looks very well laid out (similar to the Arc’teryx Combat Pant?) but I wonder why the color choice is charcoal and blue?

    Is some type of flat dark earth no longer a popular color? That would be my first choice.

    The fabric choice is outstanding and low profile cargo pocket is a very good decision. To me, cargo pockets are not mandatory and I have never appreciated cargo pockets that stick out so far that they catch on things.

  2. Greazy says:

    $228 a pair? Who is the intended market for these?

    • SSD says:

      Apparently, not you.

      • Bobby Denard says:

        Why so touchy when anyone mentions price?

        It’s not a bad question. Has $228 become the new normal for tactical pants?

        • Stefan S. says:

          People with money to waste. The safe queen tacticool crowd apparently. $228 for pants that you are supposed to beat up? Sorry Mr. instructor, I can’t go prone or I’ll ruin my expensive pants. GMAFB!

    • Richie says:

      Durastretch Tweave is a very expensive base material, as is US manufacturing

    • mike says:

      People who like to buy well made, American Made products that don’t fall apart when they actually use them. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it, it’s all good. It’s no different then guns, bows, footwear, gear, cars, etc. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Just because it’s out of your price range doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the price, or there’s no real market for it because there clearly is or they wouldn’t be in business.

      • Bobby Denard says:

        Just because someone questions the price doesn’t mean they can’t afford it. I’m sure most of us can find $228 laying around if we try hard enough.

        But just cause you can “afford” it doesn’t mean you should buy it. Is it 5 times longer than my go-to Mountain Hardwear pants? Those are pretty old and have a lot of miles on them, so it’s unlikely.

        And sometimes you don’t get what you pay for – especially when you are buying because it’s trendy or the ‘community’ has deemed the company the new thing.

        Finally, just because a product exists doesn’t mean there’s a market for it. That’s obviously false.

        As for the company, 1620 has been around for 2.5 years. I wish the the best and hope they do well and last a long time. But it’s not like they have a long track record that is a testament to their pricing strategy.

        • mike says:

          Ok Bobby, I’ll bite.

          I own some mountain hardware, nothing wrong with their stuff. Quality is like their sister company North Face. It’s good, but not top of the food chain. It’s still good though and I’ll keep it till it runs it’s course. However just because your pants are old with lots of miles doesn’t mean a damn thing. I have $30 jeans with a lot of miles also, doesn’t mean they compare. So lets have it, whats Mountain Hardware pants are we talking about? Let compare the material, features, and so on.

          To start, Durastretch is not low cost fabric. What fabric are your Hardware pants made out of and where was it manufactured? I don’t know about 1620, but All the rolls of Durastretch I have were milled in the US. US made textiles are far more expensive then stuff made in Asia. That goes for zippers, thread, hardware, etc.

          How about construction, lets look at the design details. If were talking cost you need to look at how detailed the designs are. How much sew/construction time is involved with each design? Yardage of fabric and other materials required.

          With anything, made in the US comes with a much higher price tag. Mountain Hardware contracts out overseas. 1620 is making stuff here where the cost of doing business is through the roof compared to Asia.
          Now is there anything wrong with garments made in Asia, hell no. They can make clothing as high quality as anywhere, if not better, and it comes at a much lower price. If 1620 designed here and then contracted out production like Mountain Hardware they could probably drop a third off the price and pull more profit. They prefer to employ Americans however, which comes with increased costs.

          As for the market, yes there is currently a market for high quality US made clothing. Now if they can make it work is a different story, the business is tough. Hopefully they will. As for their “pricing strategy” it’s pretty basic, quality materials and designs made in the US. Go compare their price to other US made garments with similar materials.

          So will they last longer or take more abuse then your MH pants? They might depending on what you’re using them for. But lets cut the crap, whenever someone here brings up price in a one sentence comment it’s never about the actual quality and legit production costs to justify the retail price. I’m sure Greazy would say the same about some Leica binos.

          • mike says:

            Sorry meant Columbia, not North Face

          • Bobby Denard says:

            Mountain Hardwear Piero Pants. I paid $50 through some pro deal. Looks like they’ve been discontinued.

            You are going on and on about the cost of manufacturing. Yeah, I know. US manufacturing is expensive. Apparently this Duraweave is expensive. If you want to do a wealth transfer to the good people in Mass sewing these 1620 pants, then fire up your Chinese-made Iphone and order away. I’m like a lot of others – I buy American where I can and when it makes sense, but by no means do I exclusively buy American. (Nor does anyone else but the most hardcore isolationist/xenophobe/trade protectionist, etc.)

            By the way, I never accused 1620 of having inflated markups. For all I know it cost them $227 to make a pair of pants.

            I hope not, but their margins are irrelevant to me. (This is a very important part.)

            For me it is it a question of whether their pants are worth 4-5 times my other options. And if the additional cost is worth buying American.

  3. Kango says:

    The cargo pockets look a little small.

  4. Mike, pretty much nailed it. Thank you bud, like I wrote that myself. And I I wish we could retail this pant for fraction of the cost but our process pays livable wage to Americans making the fabric, and trims and sewing the garments. Tweave is the best US made 4 way stretch, it rivals Scholler and it is made here in our home state, but it is not cheap. Also, we do not skimp on make. We over build. We work really hard to make the best product we can. It is not easy and why you do not see products like this, made in America at retail often. They would be $328, at brick and mortar. They are fully Berry, YKK the works. We have close to a 50% repeat customer rate because of our quality and the fact we stand behind our product and service it, so it lasts longer. Not sure we are trendy? We are two guys in a 4th floor office in Haverhill, MA above an Irish Pub that pours a really good Guinness. We make our product in Everett, MA. Google these places, its hard scratch bud. A few celebrities have bought the pants but that still has not changed the fact that yes, we are still 2.5 years old and working hard to make good gear here and it is not easy. As far as the community that is you guys, and we are so appreciative for the shout out on here, such a legit forum-THANK YOU Solider Systems. Also: If you are active law enforcement or military, email me and we can get you a discount. I will say we are pretty confident putting our products up against other brands but we are always open to feedback, testing and creating custom gear. We are developing an EDC pant now for one of the best firearm brands in the world, and we are thankful for it because you guys are on here comparing us to Columbia (MH) and VF (TNF), again we are two guys, in Haverhill. Lol. At the end of the day you have the choice to support whoever you want, but give us a try I think you will dig our gear and please feel free to email me with any questions.

    • SSD says:

      I don’t feel like you should have to come here and explain basic business every time some guy who buys packs of six jockey shorts for five bucks at Walmart can’t understand why your American made clothing is so expensive.

    • NWJeep says:

      That’s what a lot of people tend to forget. The fact that companies that build American, by Americans, have to support those Americans and their families. This isn’t China where you can pay someone pennies on the dollar. *cough* Arc *cough*

      Kudos to 1620 for making it a priority to fully support their employees and for taking the risk by building American. Those who understand the meaning behind the MSRP will be the repeat customers you want.