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MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl Now Shipping

MagnetoSpeed Riflekühls are ready to ship!

Powered by a single CR123A Lithium battery (included), ambient air is forced through the extendable nozzle down the bore of the rifle. Designed to seal and push air flow down the barrel where it’s needed to efficiently cool barrels, typically under 7 minutes. Riflekühl doubles as a chamber flag and features an exclusive built-in air filter to prevent dust and dirt from being blown into your rifle.


9 Responses to “MagnetoSpeed Riflekühl Now Shipping”

  1. TheScrutineer says:

    I’m a fan of the Magnetospeed chrono but doesn’t it bother you guys when a company talks cheezy? Like when people want to sell you a gun and they say the barrel is “bomb proof” or “like a howitzer” (when it plainly isn’t but they’re extra earnest that it is). Or when someone sells you a perfectly neat barrel cooling device that’s really nothing more than a cheaply made plastic housing with a fan in it and then they spell it “Riflekuhl” as if to hearken at some European roots that aren’t there because the guy that made it is from Austin not Austria. Am I just being a stick in the mud? Maybe there just has to be a certain number of products circulating out there with a side of bubba’s cheese burgers or it’s not the gun industry.

    • Jon Demler says:

      Ahoy! The Scrutineer be a merciless cut-throat and it be wise to pay attention to the shiver in yer spine remindin’ ye to fear him!

      • Dellis says:

        What we need is a gang to arise and they speak pirate. Get rid of the dumb down talk and let’s converse like real men!

        • TheScrutineer says:

          AAARRRGGhhh!! From here forth all critical anyalysis will be made as a pirate!

          “Kuhl”?! Why I’ve never heard of such a word on any of the seven seas!! .

          • Vic Toree says:

            Matey, Let me share you with the tale of when my rifles were truly kuhl, it was while experiencing the most heinous of misfortunes.

            ‘Twas on as perfect a sailing day as mine eyes did ever see, when out of the blue arose such a squall that my diminutive boat capsized, sending all of my rifles to depths of a great blue below. No longer are they under the purview of ATF, for Davey Jones has claimed them as his own.

            • Dellis says:

              Me wench and I this eve, shall toast to you fine mates a savory mug of grog!

  2. Dellis says:

    Sorry, but after a day at the range I just drive home with my barrels sticking out the window. Doesn’t cost me anything but gas and cools super fast

  3. Thomas Stickle says:

    Is this really an issue? Have I been mistreating my barrels and not known it? Will the gun police come to my house and arrest me and take my beloved guns into protective custody due to improper cooling?

    Do we need a fix for a non-existent issue? I wish I could think of a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist! That being said, if they can make it and sell it to someone more power to them. I CAN see a use for my “full semi-automatic” firearms cause they get real hot when I shoot them in “full semi-automatic”!

  4. Got some runtime with these devices last week – they’re very slick. Running 6.5’s in Texas, we’d heat the barrels up enough to see some POI shift pretty quickly, and using these, the efficiency of the cooling was about doubled, which meant less dicking around when we were waiting for barrels to cool.

    I can see how it might be a nonexistent issue for some, but it certainly might be handy for precision shooters dealing with heat or mirage.