McRae TerrAssault 2


The EXOTAC ripSPOOL is a lightweight field repair kit that can also be used for multiple survival and bushcraft tasks, such as first aid, fire starting, fishing and navigation.

It incorporates 60ft of 30lb Test Braided Line, 50in of Heavy Duty Repair Tape, #16 Sail Needle and is Attached via 550 Firecord Lanyard.

4 Responses to “EXOTAC ripSPOOL”

  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:


  2. Bob says:

    Now, can you put all that in a knife handle?

  3. Prior leg infantry says:

    Now this is useful … rather than yet another take on an angled foregrip or another light that’s “15% LIGHTER!” (really 1.3oz).

    The only small nit-picky improvement I could possibly suggest would be just some regular plain ol thread. I’m sure everyones been out in the field with for an extended period of time and had something rip.

    Then again, I’m needlessly arm chair quarterbacking. I’ve been out since ’12 so I literally have zero dog in this fight.

  4. MattCFII says:

    BattlBox has had the exclusive on these for awhile, glad they are now available from EXOTAC directly and a little cheaper. Mine has came in handy a couple of times.