Starting 1 June, Soldiers May Wear The Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

To little fanfare, Army Chief Of Staff GEN Mark Milley authorized the Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform as an optional purchase item, last October. According to ALARACT 027/219, beginning 1 June, Soldiers may purchase it from Clothing Sales Stores and wear it in lieu of the OCP Army Combat Uniform. Alternatively, some units may issue the IHWCU as Organization Clothing (TA-50). An alternate size variant will be available by October. Soldiers may sew name US Army tapes on their uniform as well as special skill badges.

Overall, the uniform is lighter weight and more breathable than the ACU. It also appears slightly different due its pocket layout.

Coat, Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

IHWCU worn by CPT Daniel Ferenczy, APM for Extreme Weather Clothing and Footwear, PM-SPIE, PEO Soldier

-raglan sleeve front with a five (5) button closure
-fold down collar with a fusible interlining
-long sleeves with cuffs and one (1) button, three (3) buttonholes adjustable cuff tab
-The top of the button down closure is open to accommodate a pen
-front has loop tape to accommodate the Name and US Army Tape
-front placket has a loop tape for the Rank Patch
-coat has two (2) bellow style top opening upper sleeve pockets and includes an eyelet drain-hole
-sleeves have an elbow reinforcement patch
-Both sleeves have an Identification Friend or Foe tab cover that can be opened and closed using hook and loop fastener
-IFF tab cover is centered and sewn onto the sleeve above the upper sleeve pocket
-double turned and cleaned finished hem

Trousers, Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

(Rear of the IHWCU Trouser, showing the cargo and lower leg pocket layout.)

-covered fly with a four (4) button/ buttonhole closure, or three (3) button/buttonhole closure, depending on size
-seven (7) belt loops
-two (2) side hanging pockets
-two (2) front side pleated cargo pockets with three (3) button/ two (2) buttonhole closure flaps
-high end of cargo pockets at front of pocket rather than rear like ACU
-two (2) lower leg side pockets with one (1) button/ one (1) buttonhole closure flaps
-side cargo pockets shall have three (3) sewn-in eyelets hidden by the bellows
-double needle seat patch and a pleated knee reinforcement incorporated into the pant leg at the knee
-one (1) piece single gusset
-two (2) front side hanging pockets
-mesh fabric attached on the inside of the trousers at the bottom of the legs as inner cuffs
-bottom of the trousers leg hems, the inner cuffs, and the waistband shall have drawstrings

39 Responses to “Starting 1 June, Soldiers May Wear The Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform”

  1. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    I’m not assuming gender, but in that first pic, does the subject identify as a femal manikin or female human?

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    Manternity uniform

  3. TXAG14 says:

    But is anyone selling them before June 1st to beat the rush. That’s the real question.

  4. El Guapo says:

    A guy at a school I’m at is stationed in Hawaii and has been rocking these the whole time and loves them- they look really comfortable and more durable than FRACU’s. I’ll be picking up a couple sets on June 1st…

  5. Wake27 says:

    I’ve been wearing these for at least a year and they’re amazing. They’re more comfortable than FRACUs and I found them to move very well with you. I didn’t wear any other uniform from the time I got issued these to the time I left Hawaii.

  6. qwery says:

    I have always thought those chest pockets kinda useless, so yes this works

  7. Y.T. says:

    I like that there is an alternative to the zip up sleeve pockets.

    • Wake27 says:

      They fit Rite in the Rain notebooks much better than the stupid zipper ones.

  8. Big_Juju says:


  9. Mick says:

    Great news! When can I order my pre-sewn one from AAFES?

    Also SSD, great scoop! Not a whisper anywhere else on web… at least nothing on or army times…

  10. Dr. Blutwurst says:

    With mesh cuffs, the last practical reason why to blouse trousers is gone. No more blousing and no more tics and leeches on the balls. F.ckin Great!!!

  11. Andy says:

    Now to just bring my beloved arm flap pockets back across the whole uniform range… Til then I’ll be rocking my OCPs until a SGM strokes out.

  12. Salgado says:

    Where can I pre-order.

  13. The Sarge says:

    So rather than just let soldiers roll their sleeves which was authorized a few years ago… lets make them spend more money on a uniform with less pockets….. sure that make sense…

    • SSD says:

      It’s an optional item. And rolling sleeves doesn’t make you any cooler. All it does is expose your arms to UV radiation.

    • Doc Cramer says:

      These uniforms are a ton more comfortable than the OCPs. We are issued them here in HI. They are also noticeably lighter/thinner and perfect for hot weather. They also dry a sh*tton faster than my OCPs when I got poured on at JRTC. Overall 100X better than rolling sleeves.

  14. hmm says:

    Now all they gotta do is replace the damn buttons on the trousers with zippers

  15. Nick B says:

    Does anyone know if they will be available at all clothing and sales? FT Bliss MCS is under the impression they will not be getting these uniforms.

    • SSD says:

      That’s a great question.

    • Farawaysoldier says:

      I am getting some sets free at RFI at Schofield. I like the arm pockets than the weird backward slanted ones.

    • Bob G says:

      I spoke to a rep from Clothing and Sales online and one at FT Drum. They say these will not be sold online and only at 5 installations. FT Drum is not one but she did say Bliss will get them.

  16. Farawaysoldier says:

    I am in Hawaii and was told if I wasn’t with the 25th I couldn’t wear them. Anyway, as a Chief, I will do the right thing and wear them lol. Now with this, our CSM can’t say anything.

  17. Farawaysoldier says:

    They are going to make changes to this uniform as well. They will add a pen holder to the sleeve and removing the inner lining near the trouser blouse. I am hearing front pockets may be added.

  18. Mick says:

    Well here it is June 4 and I cannot find these on… anyone seen them in the wild for sale?


    • TXAG14 says:

      apparently the shipment got delayed, benning MC said they are supposed to get them this month but don’t know when.

      • Daniel Pepin says:

        I have been told it will be a week or two once they get their shipping. Do not even bother with Schofield. They won’t have it for a few months.

  19. Farawaysoldier says:

    This is the design cut I was referring to. General Miller is wearing it here.

    • Farawaysoldier says:

      Is that design approved for wear Army wide?

      • TXAG14 says:

        Not the same uniform. Those are cryes

        • farawaysoldier says:

          I got that but I just saw this General and some special OPS guys wearing them. I know they are the exemption but just curious if it can be worn Army wide if I bought them from the Crye website.