Bedrock Sandals Adds Coyote Tan Straps

Bedrock sandals are now available with Coyote Tan straps. Seen above is the Cairn PRO Adventure model. They feature Vibram’s sticky, non-marking Megagrip outsole as well as three adjustment zones for the webbing, including their sole hugger wings.

6 Responses to “Bedrock Sandals Adds Coyote Tan Straps”

  1. I have heard nothing but good things about their sandals. I’m going to pick up a pair for this summer for sure.

  2. Luke says:

    I hate things between my toes, I never wore flip flops and toe strap chacos would end in blood the few times I tried them. These sandals were so good I fought through weeks of pain and annoyance so I could wear them. I would still prefer the strap arrangement of a chaco, but the footbed, tread, stack height and drop are so much better on these it is still worth it.

  3. Kyle Kata says:

    Trying to edge in on the Chaco formula on the bottom half and Keen at best on the top half.

  4. Toad says:

    Can any body say why these are over $100 when they are so minimalist and cheap to make?

    • Luke says:

      1) the soles are custom molded for them by vibram, for the volume they make that isn’t cheap.

      2) US wages

  5. combatdoc68 says:

    I wore these overseas around the FOB. They’re awesome! Now CONUS I have used them to climb in and run short distances. The point that you can run in them is phenomenal. I’m on my second pair due to misplacing the first, and I can’t recommend the Cairn Pro specifically enough! I favor the green webbing though.
    REI will be stocking these and I could see the price increasing slightly in the near future.