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SOCOM Announces New MRE Menu

17 Responses to “SOCOM Announces New MRE Menu”

  1. Terry Baldwin says:

    Sounds great! What, pray tell, is in Menu 1?


  2. Ex Coelis says:

    Obviously SOCOM takes their missions and their mission-support very seriously. As such, they’re now equipping their Operators a new post-mission ‘Party pack’! Hope the Scotch is single malt and the cigars are Cuban… After all, these boys deserve THE very best!!

  3. eddi says:

    Dream on kids. They’re going to use up those surplus ham and Lima bean C-rats if it kills you.

  4. George says:

    Scotch and Cigars is only missing the porn and hookers to bribe local tribal chiefs when “advising”.
    Or does the porn come on thumbsdrives and you have to buy the hookers with cash?

  5. swiss says:

    At last, user feedback does change horrible things.

  6. Oohknipkinja says:

    It still better come with jalapeno cheese spread.

  7. cimg says:

    looks better than the cigarette butt and ash can MRE I had the other day.

  8. the hun says:

    Perhaps is it possible to develop a MINI-MRE-Version for the Sere-Modul…

  9. tazman66gt says:

    it will be Wal-Mart scotch and unbranded cigars. We know the military spends money for the very best.

  10. Liam Babington says:

    Perfect after a day of taking out jihadis!!

  11. Damn, I got out at the wrong time.