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Army Green Uniform

The upcoming Army Green Uniform made an appearance recently at Boston’s Fenway Park in Boston on recruiters from the New England Recruiting Battalion. They were joined by MG Frank Muth (second from left) the CG of Army Recruiting Command.

45 Responses to “Army Green Uniform”

  1. Bob says:

    Can we go back to cap-toed boots while we’re at it? The desert Corcoran jump boots were comfy, but not 670-1 legal.

  2. Aaron Brandon Castro says:

    Meh…needs Sam Browne Belt and Green pants.

  3. J says:

    Can not like these at all. Just not what I would expect for the 21st Century US Army going to the retro WWII dress uniforms. They must have had better ideas than this for a dress uniform change. Glad I wore the old Green version for a number of years, while I was in the US Army.

  4. J says:

    I guess they are using this as a recruitment for new soldiers for the Army.

  5. Mike says:

    And there’s only 1 CIB between them all.

  6. Vince says:

    Not all bad…. but the male hat on the female looks retarded.

    • mikemike says:

      no berets, great

      • Stefan S. says:

        There will be berets. Think Paratroopers, Rangers and SF will give those up? 103 jumps and a mustard stain later, mine was earned buddy!

        • John says:

          Airborne should embrace their real heritage and go back to the garrison cap with branch piping and the parachute glider patch while there make sewing a silver dollar under the badge mandatory. Keep the mauroon beret for designated days

          • Asinine Name says:

            Was the silver dollar for smacking legs in the face, or some other reason?

            • C. Myngs says:

              I’ve asked vets about that. None of them used the silver dollar/hat combo as a sap–it was too light to do any damage. They did mention it was their back up dollar, for when they went out on the town and spent all their money. They would use that last dollar for the cab ride back to base.

            • AbnMedOps says:

              I was told by an old-time 1950’s Screaming Eagle guy that the silver dollar under the the glider patch was indeed for swinging in nasty bar fights, but that it was banned and subject to confiscation. A bit of old-school Brown Shoe Army lore, take it for what it’s worth.

  7. JBar says:

    The crunched covers look bad. The colored unit patches would look better subdued. Agree, female cover is comically large. Otherwise, good decision in my book.

    • Ray Forest says:

      The original covers were broken in that way. Somehow these are manufactured with the broken in look and I agree it looks terrible. They look like some sort of yankee state trooper. That part needs some work still. It’s gonna look like the big beret the army issued when they went to the black one for all. Cheesy on everyone who does know how to do it right.

  8. Sommerbiwak says:

    Green? I see browns. And those uniforms are horribly fitted. The CPT on the left has a cap too big, the 2star next to her has a jacket a size too small… Bad photo to promote the new uniform. OTOH it is more realistic what it is going to look like in service. 😉

  9. Adam says:

    She looks comical with that cover and would look much more put together with a piss cutter. The unit patches are a GREAT idea but all those pins below the ribbons are just too much.

    I’m glad they’re taking pages from the Marine Corps with their advertising, uniforms, etc.

  10. C. Myngs says:

    in WWII, jump wings were worn above the CIB. Because of its size, Paratroopers wore the CIB on the pocket flap and jump wings above the ribbon rack. The Army should go back to that, and give everyone one more thing to melt down over.

    • A. Delachaise says:

      In WWII, paratrooper wings were only worn above the CIB by Soldiers in the ETO, it was not authorized in the uniform regulations of that period. Soldiers in the PTO did not follow this as they stuck to what was regulation.

  11. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Glad all the SERIOUS problems in the US Army have been resolved… instead of defending America soldiers can play dress-up.

  12. Moshjath says:

    Man, everybody’s a critic. This is a definite upgrade from the current ASU for a regular wear non field uniform. Class B’s will also look much better than the current ridiculous white shirt and blue trousers.

  13. Zach says:

    They are soldiers and not businessmen right? Why do these type of uniforms need to exist anyway?

    • DERP says:

      Zach makes his move, letting the SSD followers know he’s all about getting dirt done and killing shit. Slowly he’ll climb the ladder of internet tough guy street creds, known for raw posts about war shit, and no pomp and circumstance bullshit, like the travesty of dress uniforms. Eventually he will become field marshall of an entire combat team of couchborne tough guys dedicated to shooting dudes in the face with hard hitting comments.

      Slowly, he climbs the ladder, makes his mark

      Slowly, he gains momentum, and gathers his followers

      He knows only the cause, having creds is everything, the more raw, the better, the tougher

      On the other side he will emerge, from the fog of war, he will be the ALPHA

      • Zach says:

        I’m glad we’re on the same page. Yah, I ran 3 miles today and walked one.
        Loud howling!!!! And I do have an exquisite chest mane. I’m talking beyond Magnum PI shit friend.

    • Joe says:

      I’m not a funeral director but I have a dress suit for funerals.

      I guess I should be doing other things except being prepared for occasionally respecting the deceased.

      So, it comes down to respect for self and others, and dressing appropriately for certain occasions.

      And I picked up on the “THEY are Soldiers”, which indicates you never were.

      • Zach says:

        Who paid for your dress suit? Your logic is off. Traditions are generally unnecessary and wasteful. My opinion matters just as much as yours. What someone wears to a funeral matters not. That is a brainwashed way to think.
        What does how you dress have to do with respecting the dead?

        • SSD says:

          You wear a uniform because you are in the military. Be happy someone actually cares what it looks like.

          While you’re complaining about what they give you to wear, are you all set for the new ACFT and marksmanship qual? Been to PME? And made sure your troops are squared away on those things too?

  14. Pills says:

    It’s fucking wasteful spending like this that makes the public question why the defense budget is so fucking bloated.

    Never mind getting the warfighter useful equipment or badly needed training; he needs retro WW2-inspired dress uniforms so he can feel like Captain America! What a fucking joke.

  15. 32sbct says:

    There seems to be an issue with the material for both the coats and the trousers. They really make the uniform look very wrinkled. The sleeves are wrinkled from the cuffs all the way to the shoulders. Maybe its just this photo. I agree with the others, the hat has a weird up sweep at the front. I’ve seen many WW II officer hats in person and in photos and they never looked like that. I know there was some discussion about limiting what items are worn on the uniform is there any update on that?

  16. GANDIS says:

    Yes, I know I am going to get blow back for this but the hats all wrong. Yes, the AF was formerly the Army Air Corp, but these are AF hats. They where crushed so they could wear the needed headphones. I think it’s kind of silly taking a aviation based need for a “classic” look in a MOS that separated and became its own branch. That’s also why I think the leather jacket is silly as well, again aviator issued.

    But what I write here will never matter anyways, so who cares.

    • Eric says:

      I may be just a civilian, but uniforms are a particular interest of mine and I have some observations. First, as other have mentioned the service caps look awful. The same style they have now look better and don’t stick up nearly as high. Second, the gold buttons and buckles should be retained because that would be more historically accurate not to mention IMHO look better. Third, garrison caps back then had piping and the picture of the pregnant officer wearing the maternity green uniform had piping on her cap. Plain for enlisted, silver/black for warrants, gold for generals and gold/black for all other officers. That should return as well. Fourth, field and general grades should have oak leaves on the service cap bill. Lastly, with the wear out date of the ASU, that should also be the wear out date of the black beret as well. And let no one speak of it after that.

  17. Warnold says:

    Always wondered why camo and uniform posts by SSD gather the most commentary…..form over function? Maybe far more important for all the soldiers posting here to analyze how and why their active duty brethren from B Battery, 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment are being disarmed at the border by Mexican paramilitary.

  18. Jack Luz says:

    As much as I like nostalgia and history, this uniform design is not a good idea. First off, the color of the necktie is supposed to be the same as the khaki shirt. Another issue is that this uniform is ill-suited for hot weather climates. It is more suited for the cold weather environment.

    It would be more practical to bring back the dress greens and the dress green summer class-A, along with the associated covers. That way, the U.S. Army looks like the U.S. Army we know and respect.

  19. Able Dart says:

    1) crown of service cap is too high, and cap badges placed too high, exaggerating proportions even more. Crushed caps were an AAF thing, see comment below.

    2) Coat is wrong shade of olive, should be darker. They’re combining the enlisted shade of olive with the pink trousers, looks terrible. If you don’t want separate uniforms for officers, pants should match coat. Ditch the belt.

    3) You know, if you got rid of the breast pockets (both genders), you could move the flair down where folks can see it. Like the Soviets did lol

    4) like other commenters I see a fabric issue. Do not combine a legacy cut with modern fabrics or body proportions.

    5) the only decent thing here is the garrison cap. Just bring back the Cold War Green uniform, but with the garrison cap cut like this. Harmonize gender cuts so women can have pockets.

    If you think about it, McPeak did a better job with the AF uniforms. He went a little too far and the current watered down version looks fine. And of course Navy and Marines never felt the need to make such drastic changes for a level of uniform they wear far more often than the Army does theirs.