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Technical Adventure Travel Short Built in the USA

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their new ATAR Short – A.T.C. for Summer 2019 in their high performance, technical All Terrain Cloth and designed for the summer Adventurist and global traveller. The technical properties and signature feature set for this style are dialed for high versatility and as a multiplier for a wide breadth of activities. From summer alpine trekking in the Dolomites, remote tropical locations in the South Pacific to the bazaar of Marrakech, the ATAR Short is the one pack-and-go style that has it all well covered. 4-Way stretch, quick-dry, stain and water resistant, packs small, light weight, durable, secure zippered pockets and discreet everyday styling. Built in the USA.

The ATAR Short – A.T.C. is a seasonal style from Prometheus Design Werx. They will be available in Transitional Field Green, Machine Mineral Gray and All Terrain Brown.


The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“The ATAR Short is light, stretches, breathes, durable, and resists stains and water via a C6 DWR finish. This style packs small, is easily washed in a hotel sink and dries quickly. Every pocket has a zipper closure to secure your EDC and travel items to prevent loss and the opportunistic pickpocket. An additional internal pocket has been added to discreetly stash your favorite slip joint. An internal drawstring waist was added for times when you don’t want or need the bulk of a belt and a spontaneous ocean dip or hike to a waterfall, calls to you. This short is our most casual in styling. At first glance, the ATAR appears to be an unassuming Bermuda style walk short. The inseam and rise will sit slightly longer than our field styles and the cut is roomier. The smart and seasoned adventure traveller does not draw attention to himself, nor attempt to appear as if they walked out of a wannabe “Operators-R-Us” catalogue. The enjoyment and adventures in the far reaches of the world are predicated upon not being a target, being mindful, respectful and aware of your surroundings. Our ATAR Short will help you focus on the journey and experiences, and avoid the inconveniences and pitfalls of international adventure travel.”


The USA Made PDW ATAR Short – A.T.C. will be available for $109.00 on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 12:00 noon PT via their website,


5 Responses to “ATAR Short ALL TERRAIN CLOTH”

  1. Matt says:

    Shorts are meant to be short. These might as well be pants.

    • Wazza says:

      I agree with you Matt . PDW , TAD , Kitanica shorts all have the same problem , they are too long in the leg . I wish manufacturers of shorts would get back to reality and make a decent basic short with a couple of hand pockets and a belt loop for outdoor use . Until then I will be happy with my NZ made Swazi rugby shorts .

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      Hey, the are about half to the knee if nothing else. And not over knee-length like some self-proclaimed “shorts”. But I agree, a good quality shorter offer would be nice.

    • Papa6 says:

      They need to make long trousers in this style. Shorts are not always acceptable to wear.

    • Prometheus Design Werx says:

      The ATAR shorts are above the knee if your are in the 5’ 10” – 6’ range.