B5 Systems

Knight Vision- Universal Bridge

Weighing in at just 96g, the Universal Bridge will accept many single tube night vision via common shoe-type interface, or modification adapter (PVS 14/MUM/MINI-NSEAS), turning them into a binocular night vision system.

Adjusts for helmet standoff, inter-pupillary distance, helmet mount drop, and helmet interface wobble adjustment.


4 Responses to “Knight Vision- Universal Bridge”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    $699 ouch!

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    Did he actually say ‘ouch’? Seriously..?! Stefan S is kvetch’g about less than a K’s worth of NOD kit(hint: Stefan S – $699 is actually Great for the price of Good). Yup. Much better see what ya mean, Eric. Oy gavolt…

  3. DangerMouse says:

    Looks like they rebranded the RQE Bridge to me.

  4. Steve says:

    They definitely bought out the IP for the RQE brand.