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Max Talk 23: The Squad in the Attack: Hasty Attack

This is the twenty third installment of ‘Max Talk Monday’ which shares select episodes from a series of instructional videos. Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has established a reputation on the leading edge of tactical live fire and force on force training. MVT is dedicated to developing and training tactical excellence at the individual and team level.

23 is a discussion and explanation of the Squad Hasty Attack Battle Drill, using training footage and a new addition of a sand table model with army men, as a method of introduction to explain this essential small unit tactics squad drill.

Detailed explanations can be found in the MVT Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics.

Max is a tactical trainer and author, a lifelong professional soldier with extensive military experience. He served with British Special Operations Forces, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer; a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Max served on numerous operational deployments, and also served as a recruit instructor. Max spent five years serving as a paramilitary contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan; the latter two years working for the British Government in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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4 Responses to “Max Talk 23: The Squad in the Attack: Hasty Attack”

  1. Cameron says:

    All good, classic British officer training ala Sandbags.

  2. El Terryble says:

    I noticed the Squad was the 8+1 formation the Army uses. I’d like to see some of these squad tactics using the Marine Corps 12+1, or even the 12+3 or 9+3 the Corps is supposedly transitioning to, as in my opinion this squad formation is superior due to its inherent fluidity and ability to direct fire onto the enemy and maneuver at the same time. Also, the trifurcated squad makes for a different operational dynamic then the bifurcated 8+1 squad.

    • Max says:

      Next week. I agree on your assessment of squad size. You can wait for next week, or go see the four follow on videos I already have up on the channel, using an example of a 12 man squad. I discuss various squad sizes both in these videos, and in detail in the tactical manual.