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MARCORSYSCOM Issues Elbow & Kneepad Challenge To Industry

The Marine Corps wants you to help them identify innovative ideas and solutions that improve the currently fielded knee and elbow pads’ comfort.

The desired end-state is to determine a design or concept that provides improved comfort, impact protection and operator acceptance, while maintaining mobility and operator’s range of motion.

They don’t care if they are stand alone items, like those currently fielded, or integrated protection for the combat uniform.

For full details, visit www.marcorsyscom.marines.mil/Unit-Home/Marine-Equipping-Challenge/Knee-and-Elbow-Pad-Challenge.

22 Responses to “MARCORSYSCOM Issues Elbow & Kneepad Challenge To Industry”

  1. Rick says:



    *Holds Out Hand* $4,000 bucks little man. Put that money in my hands. If that money doesn’t show me, then you’ll owe me owe me owe.

    • Hubb says:

      A fan of Jay and Silent Bob are we?

      • Rick says:

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  2. Snake says:

    Crye AC combat shirts + G3 or G4 combat pants. Voila, easy peasy

  3. JB says:

    Just pay Crye their money already…

    • Research says:

      Curious, what makes you say Crye over other potential products? Is it the fit, comfort, protection, ease of application (because it’s part of the combat pant), something else?

  4. Sommerbiwak says:

    There could always be some other better design out there.

  5. ScubaSteve says:

    ARMY: I would rather spend money on inferior product than buy Crye


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  6. DJax says:

    D3O LP2 hands down. Lower peak transmitted force upon impact

    • Jack Griffin says:

      Used these.

      Bulky Robocop garbage.

      Arcteryx kneecaps or Crye, amigo.

      • rob says:

        I disagree, I was an 11B and a 19D and for the last twenty years a carpenter. These kneepads are the ONLY kneepad that I can wear all day long with no discomfort and it never falls to my ankles. I have no doubt that they would work excellent, if only people could get over the “rock-em-sock-em robot” look. I also have a pair of arcteryx kneecaps and use them sometimes at work, they DO NOT perform as well as the KP kneepads. Arcteryx falls to the ankle and also will rotate on your leg so that the pad does not protect you knee. YMMV but as a former grunt these are the ONLY ones that I would recommend.

    • minn-kota says:

      Agreed, with an addendum:

      So hard to avoid eye contact with the (assuming) proprietor of KP at SHOT. You get drawn into a vortex of “if you aren’t using my bulky ass kneepads you are a fool!”.


  7. Chris says:

    Second for D3O LP2 – don’t pay crye their money

    • Research says:

      Curious, what specifically is it about the D30 LP2 pad that makes it your choice over Crye or other products ?

      • DJax says:

        Thinner, and less peak transmitted force. which mean greater impact with less bulk. Check out what they do in the motorcycling/ 2 wheeled sport industry.

  8. Stefan S. says:

    Old Army we didn’t need knee/elbow pads. Now with DADT gone, I see they need them!

  9. Joe says:

    Marine Corps offering an insignificant amount of money as a prize…that will spur the industry…

    • Greg K says:

      Yeah as if a brand new novel concept and solution for such a difficult ergonomic engineering issue will present itself for such a paltry sum – where if it were to be an effective design would be worth 40M in commercial military sales worldwide.
      Dear USMC, you can’t do R&D on the cheap and nasty!