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Grey Ghost Precision and Grey Ghost Gear Names RSR Group, Inc. as Wholesale Distributor

Wallace, ID – Grey Ghost Gear, leading manufacturers of innovative combat proven gear, and Grey Ghost Precision, leading manufacturers of accurate, reliable, and attainable weapon systems are excited to announce they are now offering their products to dealers through the RSR distribution network, accessible for both online and in-store dealers.



Now both Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision products are available on the RSR Group Network.


For more than 40 years, RSR Group, Inc. has served retailers in the industry by offering a diverse inventory and competitive pricing. With five regional sales centers and a state-of-the-art warehouse, RSR Group provides manufacturers with unrivaled exposure across the U.S., where thousands of retailers are ensured delivery of the products their customers demand.


“Offering our products to dealers through the RSR distribution network is an enormous opportunity for both Grey Ghost brands,” stated Grey Ghost CEO, Casey Ingels. “Their dedication to making a difference for retailers every day has remained just as constant as our commitment to quality and performance. We are excited to make our products more accessible to online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores across the nation. Now RSR dealers can easily find and obtain the products their customers have been requesting, from Grey Ghost Gear Battle Belts and Backpacks to Grey Ghost Precision firearms and components, and everything in between.”


The entire Grey Ghost catalog of firearms gear and accessories are available now through the RSR Website,




About Grey Ghost Gear

The goal of Grey Ghost Gear is to provide the professional soldier with the best, combat proven gear in the world. Our gear designs have been continually combat tested and utilized in combat for over 10 years and is a direct result of the successes and failures in combat. Collectively, we have learned a great deal from the research and development conducted during combat operations and we have worked hard to implement these lessons learned into our designs. Our gear is lighter, form-fitting and offers the Warfighter more protection than other many other comparable manufacturers. This has also allowed the Warfighter to move faster and fight harder than ever before; giving them the competitive edge they need to achieve their objective.


About Grey Ghost Precision

Grey Ghost Precision produces weapon systems that are accurate, reliable, and attainable while ensuring that these platforms are ready for combat and will stand the rigors of hard use and perform with devastating results. The GGP team collectively has an extensive background in the military and in manufacturing. Rifle and pistol design specifications are directly influenced by a network of industry and shooting sports experts. When customers include family and friends that use these rifles, pistols and accessories to protect themselves in dangerous environments, you are very serious about their safety and survival. GGP has zeroed in on quality and reliability to ensure that these platforms are ready for combat and will stand the rigors of hard use and perform with devastating results.

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