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Sneak Peek – Law Tactical 300 BLK Demonstrator

I’m at the 2019 National Defense Industrial Association Armaments Meeting and Law Tactical gave me a look at their 300 BLK Demonstrator.

It incorporates their AR Folding Stock Adapter and AR Internal Carrier (ARIC) BCG which allows the Carbine to continue to fire even with the stick folded. It is also outfitted with a 6” barrel paired with a Silencerco Omega 9K.

10 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Law Tactical 300 BLK Demonstrator”

  1. Tcba_joe says:

    Would be nice to know when the ARIC will be available or as part of a kit with the folder.

  2. TKS says:

    Very interesting gas vent hole pattern. Would love to know the engineering behind the vent hole size/arrangement.

  3. Dave says:

    What’s that small tab behind the dust cover?

    • SSD says:

      It’s a bolt release lever.

      • Aono says:

        Is it also a catch?

        • KevinB says:

          Yes it is a catch/release. It isn’t a Law product it’s from Extreme Defense.

          Commercial release of ARIC is coming – I am at NDIA this week, and Zach is heading to Brownells, so our planned release for this week fell apart.

          Quick note – the gun is made of a variety of parts – KAC, SilencerCo, Extreme Defense and others – it’s simply a concept gun to a AR based PDW, we at Law Tactical are not a ‘gun company’, while we are a 07 Manufacturer- but the only guns we do are for testing etc – no plans on entering the firearms market.

          As to the rest of ARIC related questions – please stay tuned Eric will have more on ARIC shortly.

          • Aono says:

            Thanks for clarifying. From a pure marketing/hype perspective you might check out the #drivewayspecial thing, from the gang who brought us the Roland special. It’s a KAC 11.5 upper on a braced lower with a Law folder. All you gotta do is instagram one with an ARIC, a can, and a high round count to match, and you too can ride the hype train into our wallets.

          • HSR47 says:

            Is there an autosear trip mechanism for the ARIC?

      • Dave says:

        Like the PDQ lever? Any info on this would be great

        • Aono says:

          The fact that appears to be a modified SR-15 lower with Law stampings and a KAC URX, and the whole #drivewayspecial thing, makes me wonder whether there’s some collaboration going on. On the one hand it would be cool if Knight’s would go from a release button to a catch/release. On the other hand it would be very cool if this Law were running an E3 bolt.