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Cordura Military Truelock Fiber – HLC Industries

HLC Industries Inc is offering an in-stock program of Solution Dyed Cordura Fabrics in both 500D and 1000D, in the following colors: Coyote 498 / Black / Ranger Green / Tan 499 / Wolf Gray.

Please contact: [email protected]

3 Responses to “Cordura Military Truelock Fiber – HLC Industries”

  1. ScubaSteve says:


    found the commie, 1:14 colour

  2. Lasse says:

    Is Truelock just a brand name for their solution dye product line, or is this a step further past classic solution dye?
    Or is it that HLC now offers does solution dye?

    • Peter Raneri says:

      Actually Cordura Truelock Fiber isn’t just about a lighter footprint, it also delivers excellent color durability including these awesome benefits for manufacturers and consumers including:

      UV Fade Resistant Color
      Inherent Stain Resistance
      Abrasion Resistant Color
      Multi-Component Color Uniformity
      Lot-To-Lot Color Consustency
      Inherent NIR Capability
      Resistance to Color Crock & Bleed

      Great attributes for a great fabric solution.

      HLC has been selling the Invista Cordura Solution Dyed fabrics for years and we’ve added 5 colors in both 500D and 1000D –
      Coyote 498 / Tan 499 / Black / Ranger Green / Wolf Gray

      For additional information, please send me an e-mail at:
      [email protected]

      We can send pricing and swatch booklets to your door!