Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – The Silva Expedition 4 Militaire VS the Expedition 5

With the award-winning Expedition 4 Militaire, Silva have ensured that many of the necessary features needed for a military compass have been met, hence its popularity and use by various armed forces across the globe, it is a compass designed for those in the defence forces who use Mils for navigation and triangulation.

With a magnifier the Expedition ensures you understand every detail of topographic terrain displayed on a map. Glow in the dark markings on the North display and on the direction of travel allow the compass to be used in low light conditions. The Expedition 4 Militaire additionally features a hole for marking positions on a map with improved precision.

With its luminous point for night navigation, magnifying lens and weight of only 36g, the compass is an ideal solution for quick an accurate compass work.

However, Silva have a successor to the range, the Expedition 5 (6400/360). Following feedback, from the Royal Marines, the Expedition 5 has increased robustness, functionality and low light visibility. Robustness is increased by a thicker base plate and a sealed capsule, so it is now far less likely that you will get bubbles. Functionality has improved with the introduction of both mils and degrees, a better bezel provides easier use with gloves, all of the numbering on the bezel illuminates, following exposure to light, and it has variable declination as well as an inclinometer. In addition it comes with a lanyard that doubles up as a measuring scale.

The Militaire has been around for several decades and has now been replaced by a more capable and robust compass which is focused on the needs on the modern user.

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