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TacJobs – US Army Ranger

NOW HIRING: Physically fit and mentally unbreakable Americans willing to jump out of airplanes and work variable hours (to include nights and weekends) in hostile combat environments around the globe to execute special operations missions of strategic national importance.

– Must be a team player

– Must be a self-starter

– Must not be someone who settles for mediocrity

– Must be in the Active Duty Army

– Must have a 105 or above GT Score (waiverable on case-by-case basis)

– Must be a U.S. Citizen

– Must not have any drug or alcohol related incidents within the past 24 months

Here’s how to apply:

In the Active Duty Army? Send your SRB to from your .mil email address.

Not in the Active Duty Army? Go tell your local Active Duty Army Recruiter that you want to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment. @goarmy @usarec

31 Responses to “TacJobs – US Army Ranger”

  1. Joshua Gilman says:

    Too much work, will just post cool pics on the gram

  2. Marcus says:

    “Must not have any drug or alcohol related incidents within the past 24 months”?

    Has this always been the case? How about not ever?

    • John Valentine says:

      Marcus – trust me – if a Ranger tests hot or has an alcohol- related offence, he’ll wish he’d had a lifelong aversion to chemicals in general.

      Even worse for an NCO as they are . . supposed . . to know better.

      Both will be out of the Regiment faster than the speed of light.

      In the case of one really superior NCO, the Colonel of the Regiment booted him, IIRC, to the 82nd and barred him permanently. It took a bunch of us pleading his case for return for some years before the Colonel relented – and still wouldn’t let him come back to 3rd Batt and told him to pack his bags for FT Lewis.

      The motto of the 75th is, after all, “Sua Sponte,” not “Rangers Lead the Way to the drunk tank.”

      Special Forces ? Worse. I could tell you tales.

      • Marcus says:

        Thank you for taking the time to provide that background. I really appreciate it

      • Stefan S. says:

        But they rob banks really well too. Lakewood WA B of A in Oct 2009. LMFAO.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Do you want plaster saints, or the high-energy, risk-taking young tigers who, with appropriate leadership and oversight, will eat up the challenge and rip the throat out of the enemy?

      • Marcus says:

        That’s a false choice and you know it.

        I want people with integrity, honor and a innate sense of duty.

        What I don’t want is the soap opera that NSW has become.

        The few Rangers I have known have been men of enormous integrity. While that’s my very small circle of one, I would like to keep it that way.

        I get it. People make mistakes. Some of those people change and carry on. But some mistakes have long term consequences. That’s just the way it is.

        • Maroon Beret says:

          Well said Marcus!

        • Balvenie says:

          “The soap opera that NSW has become.” Truer words… RLTW. The Regiment sets a standard for the entire Infantry community, some would even argue for the entire Army, in some aspects.

    • Lifeguard75 says:

      Any blue-to-green options for an in-shape 44yo with prior NSW Exp/training?

  3. Nick says:

    Can I join with a medical waiver? I’ve been training for this all year and have a GT score of 114(74 on ASVAB). My recruiter tells me I cannot join with a medical waiver.

    • Nick says:

      And when I say that he said I can’t join with a waiver, I meant that I can’t join with an option 40 contract with a medical waiver.

      • Anonymous says:

        I read on Quora that you CAN join the Rangers if you have a medical waiver.

      • Robert says:

        Another option might be Air Force special operations if you are open to it. Medical waivers usually will not not affect what careers you are eligible for except for a few issues (color blindness, vision, etc…). Nearly every Special Operations applicant I recruited required some form of medical waiver to join. Might be worth looking into if the Army is not working out for you.

        • Nick says:

          UPDATE: Just was notified that my waiver was approved with all 1’s and no restrictions. Swearing in this Friday with an 11x option 40 or an 18x.

  4. Steve says:

    Marcus must be a

  5. GOAT says:

    Everyone wants to be a Ranger until it’s time to do Ranger shit….


  6. Attack7 says:

    Blue Cord Infantrymen Born outta Sand Hill, just killing everybody:

    Well trained Platoons/Companies of armed folks, with the right leadership and assets can take on and win against hundreds of enemy. Can’t say that about ‘teams’….anywhere. The 75th is on to something with RASP, etc. The Army BCTs are even benefiting from this change.

    • Richard says:

      It was my dream to always be a us army ranger but I have failed my self by past mistakes. There is only one way unless i get a pardon on my record. But I will always have respect for those in the armed forces

  7. Xavier says:

    What’s the age limit? Is there even one set for this opportunity?

  8. Brian P Hurley says:

    The RANGERS I knew from the late 80’s and 90’s are a little bit of a different breed than the RANGERS post 9/11. They are and will always be that premiere light Infantry unit in the world. The RANGER CREED is still gospel.

  9. Patrick Jones says:

    Isn’t anything wrong with FT Lewis ? if I was 25 years younger would love to go back to the 2nd?

  10. Eric Thompson says:

    You do not wsnt this job. It’s an up before dawn, leave your pride in your wall locker and show up on that street prepared to give a tremendous account of yourself type of horseshit. No person in this country cares about you enough to do this. That’s what I know 30 years later.

  11. Israel Rivera says:

    I have a question my GT score is 101 is there anyway i can get a waiver if i do good as fuck on the PT

  12. I’m 69yrs old and a proud former member of L-co,75th Inf. RANGERS, LRRPS, 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION, Vietnam 69-70. I get up every day and go out and do tree work. I still climb and swing a chainsaw around quicker than any of the young bucks I work with. I credit my good working life to my time spent with the finest and most badass men I’ve ever met in all my days. AIRBORNE RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!

  13. I would love to go back but age an knees wont let me 1/75 hunter army airfield best people I’ve ever met went to rip in 88 rangers lead the way