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Kyle Defoor’s Kit

Former SEAL and Tactical Trainer Kyle Defoor on his Equipment:

Interest in my gear seems to be at an all time high. Here is all that I own, use and the whys;

1) Crye JPC- used for military and LE SWAT contracts when students are in full kit. Almost exact replica of how I wore my stuff when I was active.

2) Vortex Guide Binopack. Made by Alaskan Guide Creations. I added two Crye pouches to hold water bottles. I use this for military lane grader and recce FTXs and when I hunt on my own.

3) Crye Range Belt with Safariland UBL plate and HSG mag pouches. Used for military and LE contracts when students are in full kit and also in any class where cold or heavy rain is happening. I can easily switch from ALS to SLS depending on the unit’s setup.

4) Crye chest rig. Used for all military recce classes as well as any military or LE class when traveling with armor plates is not conducive. An almost exact replica of what I wore in Aghanistan as a recce operator.

5) MICH-2001 helmet. My original helmet. Yes it’s heavy as fuck and there are better options currently available but I’m too lazy to buy new plus this has some sentimental value. Used for military and LE NOD classes.

6) Tenicor Velo. Used for almost all OE pistol classes and all military low vis classes.

7) Tenicor Certum. Used for all military and government concealed/low vis contracts where AIWB isn’t authorized by the unit.

8) Tenicor ARX LUX. Used for military and LE contracts where OWB is used exclusively. Conveniently works with or without light.

5 Responses to “Kyle Defoor’s Kit”

  1. Richard Schagen says:

    Thank you for the post.
    Though I’m a big fan of pouches that can have multiple uses, I found the with the HSG Tacco (without a flap) if a mag catches on something the pouch peals open.

  2. Zach says:

    Anyone know what the big pouch on the back in 1&4 is? Thanks

    • Nick says:

      Looks like a Crye precision Smart Pouch Suite 9x7x3 (SPS-069). Really versatile piece of kit. Hope this helps.

    • SamueL says:

      I believe that is the Crye Precision General Purpose Pouch 9x7x3

  3. Grady Burrell says:

    Kyle built me a IWB several SHOT shows back, fit Glock 26 and me like a glove. Last one I’l ever need. Top Shelf SME in all things Tactical.