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Rosco Manufacturing Launches New Product Bundle “Sauce Packs”

August 2, 2019: Rosco Manufacturing, an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories, is proud to announce the launching of their newly released products – the “Sauce Pack” product bundles. In an effort to deliver the products that customers want & deserve, Rosco has paired their hard working Bloodline barrels along with their Bloodline accessories.

The Rosco “Sauce Pack” bundles were created after direct requests from our customers to provide them with the key components needed for their carbine/ pistol builds at a great combined price. The bundles feature a Bloodline barrel, Bloodline BCG, Bloodline gas block, & Bloodline gas tube. The result is a hand-picked list of parts that will produce results right out of the box. All parts within these kits are designed to synchronize together and create an un-interrupted system that will bring every individual component to its peak performance level. The perfect marriage of all our available Bloodline accessories and our in-house made barrels will make for the ultimate combo in performance and cost savings.  

“These components are designed to work perfectly when used together as part of a complete “ignition” system. The parts work to enhance the operation of any carbine/ pistol build that the end user has planned.” – Gabriel Cabrera (Marketing/ Sales Director).

Effective immediately, the following Rosco products are live and for sale:

10.5” Sauce Pack. MSRP: $295.95

12.5” Sauce Pack. MSRP: $304.95

14.5” USASOC Sauce Pack. MSRP: $310.95

16” USASOC Sauce Pack. MSRP: $314.95

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